Drug Testing Products and Information on How to Pass Drug Tests

Do you suspect that a family member or a fellow employee might be suffering from an addiction to drugs? Confrontation is one way of outing a suspected drug user although, more often than not, users will not readily admit they are taking drugs and much less admit they are addicted to them. Sometimes, this method can create a serious rift between the person accused of using drugs and the accuser. Confrontations can also adversely affect frequency of drug use and the amount used i.e. abusers may feel the need to take more drugs more often in order to cope with the decay of their relationship with their accusers. By hosting seminars that increase awareness on the dangers of drug abuse, most schools and work environments have stepped up their commitment to combat this growing problem. Through the use of random drug tests and home drug testing kits, valiant efforts are put forth to purge these substances from our schools, work environments and homes.

Unfortunately, home drug testing kits are no longer a definitive way to establish the presence of drugs. Scientists and companies are providing information and possible solutions on how to avoid drug detection to those who dabble in recreational drug use and/or drug abuse.

Websites Advertise How to Pass Drug Tests

No thanks to websites such as: www.passyourdrugtest.com and www.mbdetox.com drug abusers are given a plethora of advantages and ways on how to pass drug tests. With little advance warning, all evidence of illegal substances can be eradicated from the body through the use of:

  • Folli-Kleen Intense Hair Cleanser
  • Chem-Out Dual Combo
  • 15 Day Maximum Body Cleanse
  • Hair Mudd + 4oz Shampoo
  • Entire Body Detox kits (Ultimate Kit + All Toxin Shampoo)
  • Spit ‘N’ Kleen Mouthwash
  • Spit ‘N’ Kleen Detoxifying Capsules

By removing trace elements from a user’s blood, hair, saliva and urine, proof of substance abuse is virtually impossible; however, there is hope. Although these products promise miracles, they are extremely costly to buy. Furthermore, in order for a test to be manipulated, an array of these products must be utilized and, in many cases, the full content of the bottle must be consumed. Over time, drug dependants usually run out of resources to pay for them resulting in their failure to pass the drug tests.