About Us

At Help.org it’s our mission to make the latest research together with proven, relational methods of overcoming addiction accessible to all those struggling with addiction, as well as those who been hurt or impacted by someone else’s struggle. We have a deep desire to find the truth. In a world where misinformation is so easily spread, shared, and distributed, we want to change the way information is communicated and enable health, wellness, and healing by providing evidence-based drug and rehab education.

It is undeniable that misleading information can be spread so quickly through social media and websites that bend the truth to fit their narrative and are not incentivized to state the truth. This leads to millions of people search for the truth when the truth is so difficult to find, difficult to understand, and inaccessible. We are committed to changing that. We are committed to enabling and inspiring health, healing, and wellness by surfacing the truth.

Launched in 2013, Help.org was started to provide people with trusted, real-world, evidence-based drug rehabilitation information from healthcare providers and professionals. We use personal patient perspectives and insights from those to promote sober living.

Help.org boasts the most extensive collection of aggregated drug and rehab data on the web. Using this data, we provide empowering, evidence-based content that is easy to digest, honest, and focused on providing information you can use to help yourself and your loved ones. All of our content is free, openly available, and from reliable, reputable, professionally reviewed sources. We do not accept advertising and are free from from corporate and financial influences, creating a honest experience for our readers.

Help.org delivers relevant and digestable information that puts addiction and rehab into context in peoples’ lives.

Help.org is produced by journalists that are passionate about delivering accurate and trusted information that is current with drug addiction and rehab trends. We are dedicated to providing content that will help our readers make decisions that will solve problems.

We use insights from addiction professionals to guide our content experiences toward inspiration and enablement. We fact-check everything and stay up to date in addiction trends and statistics. Through our various resources and research, we strive to answer the questiosn that our audience want to know in a way that is digetable, accurate, and easy to understand.

The information provided on Help.org is intended for the general public and is not provided to replace information provided by a healthcare provider to patients. The information provided on Help.org should not be taken as medical advice. Help.org should be considered as a resource for providing general information that may be useful to some of the general public. All visitors are encouraged to consult with a licensed medical professional for any form of medical advice.

Help.org does NOT accept and host advertisements for treatment facilities and programs and is privately funded by groups of individuals that believe in the mission of Help.org.

Help.org does not accept advertising. We don’t have a corporate sponsor. We rely on private funding to pay for our staff, professional services and office expenses.

Help.org is privately funded by individuals and groups that hold the same beliefs in about addiction, treatment, and rehab to pay for our staff, professional services and office expenses.

Editorial Independence
Help.org is a free website that contains unbiased, accurate, and editorially independent information on a wide range of addiction and treatment issues. There is no advertising content on the site.

Accuracy and Review of Content
Hundreds of doctors, experts, patients, and advocates were consulted during the production of our content. For further accuracy, all content on our site is reviewed and fact-checked periodically.

Science and Medicine
At Help.org, we believe whole-heartedly in science and medicine, but also acknowledget that addiction, treatment, and rehab are centered around individuals and cannot be used by all cases. We believe everyone will have their own experiences that are unique to their own circumstances. You should always ask their physicians and healthcare providers for advice on their unique situations.

We also recognize that health is constantly changing and evolving, with new approaches and solutions to problems. That is why we urge people and their loved ones to seek as much information as possible and come to their own informed decisions gathered from trusted sources and consultation from physicians and other experts.

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