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Alcohol, Drug, and Other Rehab Centers in Denton, Texas


The 12 Best Rehabs in Denton, TX

To be sure we are recommending the best facilities, our team of researchers developed five core metrics to determine the quality of each treatment center. These metrics cover key aspects such as cost, treatment approaches, and rehab services provided. For more information, read the full breakdown of our filtering process and ranking methodology.

The 12 best rehab facilities in Denton, TX are: Alcohol, Drug, and Other Rehab Centers in Denton, TX badge

Santé Center For Healing

914 Country Club Road
Argyle, TX 76226

Located in Argyle, Texas, Santé offers various addiction treatment therapies, personalized for each client, including substance and alcohol abuse. Santé clients begin the addiction treatment program with a three-day evaluation to help the staff plan treatment. After the assessment, patients start the detox treatment, which usually lasts around four to 10 days. When the detox phase is completed, clients can begin the residential program. The residential programs involve 45 – 65 days of rehab but can last more than 100 days in some extreme cases. After the residential program phase, patients proceeded to take the intensive outpatient program; this program lasts about six months. Clients then can take the transitional living program that lasts around three months to two years. It’s important to know that every program length depends on the client’s addiction history and the substance they used. Santé also has broad expertise in non-addiction treatments, specifically mental health treatment. The mental health issues that they treat include trauma resolution, codependency, depression, anxiety, anger, boundaries, feeling lost or out of control, grief, guilt, shame, dual diagnosis, co-occurring issues, problematic sexual behavior, and eating disorders.

What patients are saying:

According to one five-star review from Santé Center For Healing program, “If you are an addict/alcoholic, this is where you need to come. I’ve been to ten treatment centers all over the United States. When I left Sante, I, for the first time, believed I could stay sober because I felt as though I had been healed. What makes them the BEST is that they treat all parts of addiction.”


  • 3.00 stars
  • 116 reviews

Arise Recovery Centers

5440 Harvest Hill Road, Suite #230,
Dallas, TX 75230

Arise Recovery Center in Dallas, Texas, has four other locations, including Fort Worth, McKinney, Southlake, and Sugar Land, Texas. Arise Recovery Centers has an intensive outpatient program for drug addiction and an intensive outpatient program for alcohol addiction. The two programs consist of group therapy sessions that take place three times per week for three hours each section, and the groups usually have eight to 12 people. Each client will also meet their therapists for one hour each week. The average length of the drug and alcohol addiction intensive program is eight weeks. If the client needs medical withdrawal or detox treatment, Arise Recovery works with many hospitals and detox facilities. They also offer additional addiction recovery services, including a supportive outpatient program, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy, telemedicine, relapse prevention, aftercare planning, employer services, and drug testing.

What patients are saying:

According to one five-star review from a former patient of Arise Recovery Center, “Top notch-my therapist was Katy in the mornings and she was absolutely phenomenal with helping me in my recovery, tho I also had some sessions with Monica who does the night groups and she was also extremely professional and I was extremely impressed with their level of counsel and care. From start to finish they helped me gain a more tangible clarity.”


  • 5.00 stars
  • 5 reviews

First Step Denton County Outreach Program, LLC

1406 North Corinth Street, Suite 401,
Corinth, TX 76208

First Step Denton County Outreach program offers a variety of counseling, educational, and intervention programs. The First Step Denton substance abuse treatment (SOP) and their long term drug/alcohol (IOP) programs consist of a two-hour weekly group counseling and a 50 to 60 duration counseling if the client takes it individually. They also have a drug-testing program and a short term drug/alcohol education program. Apart from substance abuse, other programs include anger management, batterer intervention program, drug offender education program, fast track anger management, and parental skills program.

What patients are saying:

No written reviews are available at this time


  • 3.00 stars
  • 3 reviews

Recovery Monitoring Solutions

9090 North Stemmons, Suite A,
Dallas, TX 75247

Recovery Monitoring Solutions (RMS) Address substance abuse issues by providing education, intervention, treatment, and the latest monitoring technology programs. RMS Substance abuse treatments consist of an alcohol/drug evaluation, education, and intervention. The first phase consists of a screening and assessment, followed by a professional recommendation on how to proceed with the program. The second phase is a 15-hour drug education course. The third phase is the alcohol /drug intervention; this consists of an intensive 32-hour program taken in eight weeks, with two-three hour sessions every day.

What patients are saying:

Several reviews mentioned the staffing at Recovery in a positive light. “I’ve been very satisfied with the customer service I’ve received,” said one client. Another stated, “I felt comfortable with the receptionist and the other employees.”


  • 2.70 stars
  • 27 reviews

My Health My Resources of Tarrant County

3840 Hulen Street, North Tower
Fort Worth, TX 76107

My Health My Resources (MHMR) is a provider of mental health, intellectual, and developmental disability services located in Tarrant County and is the second-largest community center in Texas. MHMR provides additional services for both adults and adolescents, including those with limited resources. The adult services consist of two phases; the first one is substance use detoxification, and the second one is substance use treatment. The substance use detoxification consists of an ambulatory (outpatient) or a resident detox. The substance use program for adults also has outpatient treatment and residential treatment options. Both of these treatments are implemented depending on the patient’s needs. My Health My Resources offers adolescent services for substance use treatment; they consist of outpatient treatment and residential treatment programs as well. MHMR offers other services apart from substance abuse, including mental health, early childhood, intellectual and developmental disabilities, homelessness, training, transportation, veterans services, and more.

What patients are saying:

One very grateful client exclaimed, “Awesome place I got the help I needed!”


  • 3.30 stars
  • 24 reviews

North Park Counseling Associates

8350 Meadow Rd. Suite 198,
Dallas, TX 75231

North Park Counseling Associates is a mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment center located in Dallas, Texas. Services include an intensive outpatient program, supportive outpatient groups, individual, couple, group therapy, and ongoing recovery coaching. The New Road Outpatient Services is their intensive outpatient program (IOP) that treats patients for alcohol and other drug addictions while still giving them the opportunity to work and take care of their day-to-day responsibilities. This program is designed for a long-term recovery that implements 12 steps of proven clinical treatments, which includes 10 hours each week of counseling. The usual length of the intensive outpatient program is eight weeks (24 sessions).

What patients are saying:

no written reviews available


  • 3.0 stars
  • 2 reviews

Valley Hope

2300 William D. Tate Avenue
Grapevine, TX 76051

The Valley Hope intensive outpatient program (IOP) consists of an intense, focused drug and alcohol addiction treatment. To start this program, the patient will first take a medical detox, which includes health assessment, medical supervision, and medication-assisted therapy. Then the client begins the intensive outpatient program. This program starts with IOP experience, which is held three times a week for three hours a day, with daytime and evening options. This gives more flexibility to the client’s needs. Specific elements of the Valley Hope outpatient treatment program include individual counseling sessions, small group therapy, family therapy, addiction education, relapse prevention planning, and continuing care coordination.

What patients are saying:

According to one five-star review from a previous addict, “Extremely special place, 10/10 experience. I was prescribed clonazepam for 8 years and cold turkeyed the medication. I was pretty much dying when I showed up at Valley Hope. I was drinking to manage withdrawal symptoms. Benzo withdrawal is a nightmare Valley Hope saved my life. Their nursing staff is incredible, and counselors Joseph, Ed, and Chris made a bad situation an unforgettable one.”


  • 3.80 stars
  • 32 reviews

Discovery Point Retreat

6500 Greenville Avenue, Suite 770,
Dallas, TX 75206

An intake assessment and a detailed admission process is performed when a new client joins Discovery Point Retreat. When the doctors and staff understand the scope of the client’s situation, they start the first stage of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This stage is the detox program. After patients go through this stage successfully, they proceed to the next step of the recovery program. Discovery Point Retreat addiction treatment programs include medical detox program, residential treatment program, partial hospitalized program (PHP), intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP), and the 12 step program. The Discovery Point Retreat center also uses proven therapies to help drug and alcohol addicts, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, recreation therapy, and cutting-edge therapy such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy.

What patients are saying:

According to one five-star review from a previous patient of Discovery Point Retreat, “If I could start by saying that DPR rehab in Dallas should be even 10 stars. The staff couldn’t be more helpful in the area of recovery. The approach they use is adaptive to each and every addict. From intake from the main facility in Ennis, TX. (Their patient facility) was a great transition.”


  • 4.60 stars
  • 10 reviews

Healing Springs Ranch

100 South Texas Street
Tioga, TX 76271

Healing Springs Ranch uses an integrated edition model that focuses on the whole person to overcome addiction. One of the aspects of this model are the 12 Step principles, which focus on mental, spiritual, and actionable healing to help patients defeat their substance abuse addiction. The treatment they use is a dual diagnosis, which consists of implementing an influence on treatment protocols,  discover the causes of addictive behaviors, break the cycle of abuse, and building the patient’s confidence in coping skills. Healing Springs Ranch also uses long or short-term residential treatments as well as supportive family programs to help overcome the substance abuse disorder the patient it’s going through. A long-term residential stay can last 90 days, depending on the client’s needs. A short-term program consists of 30 days, which include a life immersion, minimized absence, and establishment of healthy living habits. Each program is implemented according to the patient’s needs.

What patients are saying:

According to one five-star review of a previous patient, “Healing Springs Ranch literally changed my life. I personally was struggling with addiction. I chose Healing Springs because of its treatment approach. They believe in treating the whole person, and not just the addiction. They offered cutting edge therapy, and in an assortment of varieties. Equine, Art, Music, Psychodrama, Mindfulness/Meditation, Anger Management, etc. They promoted not just a healthy mind, but a healthy body as well.


  • 4.50 stars
  • 24 reviews

Aspire Recovery Center of Frisco

8380 Warren Parkway, Suite 602
Frisco, TX 75034

Aspire Recovery Center of Frisco is a Texas state-licensed and nationally accredited treatment program center that helps individuals going through substance use disorder. This center is located in the heart of Frisco’s growing business and entertainment district, in the Frisco Bridges office park. They have a day and evening intensive outpatient program model consisting of a 10- week-long treatment schedule that runs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. The program runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. in the evenings.  Aspire recovery center of Frisco also offers a partial hospitalization program, family recovery program, and individual counseling treatment. Each program is customized according to the client’s needs.

What patients are saying:

According to one five-star review of Aspire Recovery Center of Frisco, John, Chuck, Nance, and Casey are all wonderful people that care and will do anything in their power to assist you in your journey toward sobriety. Aspire has been instrumental in my recovery, and I could not recommend them higher. Whether it is one-on-one therapy, drug and alcohol testing, AA meetings, or intensive outpatient programming, Aspire is the best in the business, I’m proud to call them true friends.


  • 5.00 stars
  • 13 reviews

Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center

2615 South Lancaster Road
Dallas, TX, 75216

Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center focuses exclusively on patients with addiction to opiates/opioids and is located in Dallas, Texas. The Live’s Second Chance Treatment services include an initial assessment, physical evaluation, and individualized treatment plans. Medically supervised withdrawal, methadone detoxification, individual and group counseling, and relapse prevention are just some of the therapy solutions at the center. Methadone is used to help combat the withdrawal effects of opioids.

What patients are saying:

According to one five-star review of The Live’s Second Chance Treatment Center, “This is a great place to be. These people go above and beyond the call of duty to help their clients. Very polite staff, speedy service, respect, and care are some of the many qualities this clinic has. You really feel like you have a second chance at life at this treatment clinic.”


  • 4.80 stars
  • 55 reviews


524 North Lincoln Park Road,
Van Alstyne, TX 75495

Enterhealth, located in Van Alstyne, Texas, has an integrated addiction treatment approach, by substance abuse type and severity, including alcohol, opioids, stimulants, sedatives, and marijuana. Enterhealth addiction treatment begins with a detox after withdrawal stabilization. The patient will be treated accordingly based on a personalized treatment plan developed by the medical team. Enterhealth treatment options include the diagnostic & assessments, intensive outpatient program (IOP), supportive outpatient programs, individual and group therapy, family therapy, counseling services, Telehealth, holistic treatment services, medication management, and smoking cessation: a 12-week program.

What patients are saying:

According to one five-star review of a patient, I’m now over one year alcohol-free following my stay at Enterhealth Ranch. I attribute my success to medically assisted treatment, diagnosis, and treatment of a previously unrecognized mental health condition, and an alternative to the traditional 12 Step program. I feel fortunate to have found Enterhealth when I did. The doctors, counselors, and support staff were top-notch and always concerned and respectful.”


  • 4.30 stars
  • 13 reviews


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), there are 18 substance abuse treatment centers in the Denton area. To determine which provide the highest quality of treatment and the most resources for recovery, we used the following five core metrics to evaluate each facility.

the five core metrics for Rehab evaluation

For more information, feel free to read a full breakdown of our filtering process and ranking methodology.

Getting Help in Denton

Start by determining your coverage

To determine your best options for a rehabilitation center, it is important to first learn about your health insurance coverage. Reach out to your private or healthcare marketplace insurance provider to find out which substance abuse treatment centers are available to you. Regardless of the type of coverage you have, both public and private insurance companies must cover substance abuse treatment for qualified individuals.

To learn more about addiction and the rehabilitation process in your state, read our guide to rehab in Texas.

Use our database to find a treatment center near you

The tool below lists all of the treatment centers in the state of Texas recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Enter your zip code and select the filter icon to find relevant treatment centers near you.

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    Denton Rehab FAQs

    Do I need to go to rehab?

    Substance abuse and addiction have high costs, often adversely affecting work performance, personal relationships, and your physical health. To help you determine if you may be addicted, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has an Alcohol Use Screening and a Substance Abuse Screening to help you find out.

    How long does rehab last?

    Different programs and levels of addiction require different program lengths. Common rehab lengths are:

    How much does drug rehab cost?

    Pricing depends on the program, services, and amenities offered. Typically, outpatient programs are cheaper than inpatient, and live-in inpatient facilities are the most expensive. To learn more, read our guide on The Cost of Rehab.

    How does rehab work?

    Rehab is made up of four basic steps:

    • Assessment
    • Detox
    • Therapy
    • Aftercare

    To learn more about the rehab process and each step, read our guide to The Addiction Rehabilitation Process.

    How important is aftercare? 

    One of the most important steps in the rehabilitation process is aftercare – the continuing support and accountability offered through counseling and 12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

    To find an AA or NA meeting near you, use the directory below.

    Name City Program Telephone Spanish Hotline

    For more FAQs visit our rehab FAQ page.