I. Getting Help

What to Consider When Choosing a Rehab Center

There are many different types of rehab programs and treatment options to consider. Here are a few of the decisions you need to make:

The main factors that determine which rehab options will be best for you are the severity of your addiction and your unique personal and financial situation.

For more information on how to make all of these decisions, read our guide to Choosing the Right Rehab

The Highest-Rated, Low-Cost Rehabs in North Dakota

If the cost of rehab is a barrier for you – as it is for many – and you don’t have insurance, there are still ways for you to receive help. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), there are 71 substance abuse treatment centers in the state of North Dakota. Of those 71 centers, Northeast Human Service Center: Region IV in Grand Forks – one of eight regional human service centers under the purview of the North Dakota Department of Human Services – received the highest overall score based on our five core metrics.


For more information about the five core metrics, head to the full breakdown of our filtering process and ranking methodology

1. Northeast Human Services Center: Region IV

Located in Grand Forks, Northeast Human Services Center: Region IV provides residential and outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation services for adolescents and adults and earned the highest overall score of 8.2 points out of 10 points in our rankings. It received maximum points in the category of Rehabilitation Services Provided primarily due to its offering of medication-assisted treatment, in addition to its acceptance of patients on opioid medication. The center also earned full points in the category of Treatment Approaches for its wealth of modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-related counseling, 12-step facilitation approach, anger management, relapse prevention, and several more. Its lowest-ranking category was Ancillary Services; however, it does still offer a variety of complementary services intended to support clients’ long-term recovery, such as mental health screenings, housing and transportation assistance, peer support services, and aftercare, among others.

  • Rehabilitation Services Provided: 10
  • Treatment Approaches: 10
  • Cost: 5
  • Special Programs for Unique Demographics: 8.35
  • Ancillary Services: 4.29

2. West Central Human Service Center: Region VII

West Central Human Service Center: Region VII in Bismarck also received an overall score of 8.2 points out of 10 points in our rankings. The center offers residential, inpatient and regular and intensive outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation services to adolescents and adults, including medication-assisted treatment and detoxification services. It also accepts patients on opioid medication. One of the center’s best features is its multitude of treatment approaches, ranging from motivational interviewing/incentives to dialectical behavioral therapy to the Matrix Model approach, and several more. Another feature to highlight is the abundance of ancillary services it provides for its clients, such as employment counseling and training, domestic violence services, social skills development, and acupuncture, among many more. The center scored fairly well across all categories but did receive its lowest score for its limited number of special programs for unique populations. It does, however, offer programs for patients with co-occurring mental health disorders and individuals who have experienced trauma. 

  • Rehabilitation Services Provided: 8
  • Treatment Approaches: 10
  • Cost: 7.5
  • Special Programs for Unique Demographics: 5.01
  • Ancillary Services: 10

3. Southeast Human Service Center: Region V

Third in our rankings with 8.1 out of 10 points, Southeast Human Service Center: Region V offers regular and intensive outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation services to adolescents and adults. These services include medication-assisted treatment utilizing naltrexone, disulfiram, and acamprosate, and it also accepts clients on opioid medication. The center earned its highest score in the category of Treatment Approaches for providing a wealth of modalities, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, community reinforcement plus vouchers, trauma-related counseling, and several more. Conversely, the category receiving the lowest score was Special Programs for Unique Demographics, but it does provide programs catering to adolescents and transitional age young adults, patients with co-occurring mental health disorders, and individuals who have experienced trauma.

  • Rehabilitation Services Provided: 8
  • Treatment Approaches: 10
  • Cost: 7.5
  • Special Programs for Unique Demographics: 6.68
  • Ancillary Services: 7.15
Highest-Rated, Low-Cost Treatment Centers in North Dakota
RankRehabTotal ScoreContact Information
#1Northeast Human Services Center: Region IV8.2151 South Fourth Street, Suite 401 Grand Forks, ND 58201 Main Tel: 701-795-3000
#2West Central Human Service Center: Region VII8.21237 West Divide Avenue, Suite 5 Bismarck, ND 58501 Main Tel: 701-328-8888
#3Southeast Human Service Center: Region V8.12624 9th Avenue South Fargo, ND 58103 Main Tel: 701-298-4500
#4South Central Human Service Center: Region VI6.3520 3rd Street, NW Jamestown, ND 58401 Main Tel: 701-253-6300
#5Northwest Human Service Center: Region I6.2316 2nd Avenue West Williston, ND 58802 Main Tel: 701-774-4600
#6Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch6.27151 15th Street South Fargo, ND 58104 Main Tel: 701-237-3123
#7Lake Region Human Service Center: Region III6.1200 Highway 2 West Devils Lake, ND 58301 Main Tel: 701-665-2200
#8Lake Region Human Service Center: Region III Rolla Outreach Office5.81102 Main Avenue West Rolla, ND 58367 Main Tel: 701-477-9050
#9Drake Counseling Services, Inc.2.0311 4th Street South, Suite 106 Grand Forks, ND 58201 Main Tel: 701-757-3200

Finding a Substance Abuse Treatment Center in North Dakota

Start by contacting your referral center

In North Dakota, the first step is to contact the human service center in your region. The North Dakota Department of Human Services (DHS) Field Services Area includes eight regional human service centers and the North Dakota State Hospital. To find the contact information for the human service center in your region, visit the North Dakota DHS website.

The purpose of a human service center is to determine what type of help each individual needs, as well as the resources available for each individual. The North Dakota DHS is also the first point of contact for anyone who may need assistance paying for treatment. To learn if you qualify for low-income Medicaid services, and to determine eligibility, visit the Medicaid information page.

Use our database to find a treatment center near you

The tool below lists all of the treatment centers in the state of North Dakota recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Input your zip code and select the filter icon to find relevant treatment centers near you.

filter button

Type Of Care
Treatment Apporaches
Service Setting
Age Groups Accepted
Ancillary Services
Facility Operation
Facility Smoking Policy
Gender Accepted
Language Services
License Certification Accreditation
Payment Assistance Available
Payment Methods and Insurance Accepted
Special Programs Groups Offered

    What to Expect in Rehab

    Many different methods are available for treating addiction, and the science of studying addiction is constantly improving and changing. However, the core pieces of rehabilitation are generally very similar.


    For more on what to expect in rehab, read our guide on the addiction rehabilitation process.

    II. Substance Abuse and Rehab for At-Risk Groups

    Substance Abuse Treatment for Veterans

    Substance use disorder and PTSD go hand-in-hand for many veterans

    Veterans face unique challenges that can place them at higher risk for a substance use disorder (SUD) than the general population. The primary factor leading to this increased risk is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), while other situations, such as unemployment, homelessness and chronic pain, can also be contributing factors. Furthermore, individuals – including veterans – with a substance use disorder are more likely to develop PTSD, so the problem is cyclical in nature.

    1 in 3

    veterans seeking treatment for a SUD also has PTSD

    1 in 4

    veterans with PTSD also has a SUD

    According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Center for PTSD, as of early 2019, nearly one of every three veterans who seeks treatment for a substance use disorder also has a PTSD diagnosis. Similarly, over one in four veterans who has received a diagnosis of PTSD is also struggling with a substance use disorder. Furthermore, for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, one in 10 of those individuals who visits a VA health care facility has a substance use disorder.

    However, there is hope for veterans suffering from a substance use disorder, as they have access to additional resources for treatment for a SUD or co-occurring SUD and PTSD, and VA benefits often cover the cost of this treatment. To find help with substance abuse treatment from the VA healthcare system, follow these steps:

    Enroll: If you aren’t already enrolled, you can check if you are eligible for VA health benefits and then complete the application. You can also research the Department of Veterans Affairs Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation Program. This program is available in VA medical centers and outpatient clinics around the United States and provides a variety of treatment options, such as rehabilitation, detoxification, and psychiatric services, for veterans addicted to drugs and alcohol. Keep in mind that you must already be enrolled in the VA healthcare system to be considered for the program.

    Discover: Find out whether your local VA medical center provides substance use disorder (SUD) treatment by calling or visiting the center. If you don’t know where the closest VA medical center is located, call the VA hotline at 800-827-1000 to find out or click here for a comprehensive search of VA locations around the United States.

    Find Treatment: Veterans in North Dakota can reach out to their local VA medical center to search for information on substance abuse treatment, including the possibility of a VA-based substance use disorder (SUD) program, in their state. Furthermore, ND Cares offers assistance and resources specifically for North Dakota veterans on its website.

    Treatment is available for veterans in North Dakota who are suffering from a substance use disorder. As of 2017, 10 substance abuse treatment facilities in North Dakota – representing 14.1% of all treatment facilities – catered specifically to veterans.

    For more information, read our guide on Substance Abuse Rehab for Veterans.

    Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents

    Adolescents in North Dakota use alcohol at a rate significantly higher than the national average


    of adolescents aged 12-17 used marijuana, 2014-2017


    of adolescents aged 12-17 drank alcohol, 2014-2017

    Between 2014 and 2017, 6.4% of adolescents aged 12-17 in North Dakota reported engaging in marijuana use in the past month, slightly below the national average of 6.8%. In terms of alcohol use, 12.4% of adolescents aged 12-17 in North Dakota had taken part in the behavior in the past month, significantly higher than the national average of 10.1%. Additionally, 6.4% of individuals admitted to a substance abuse treatment program in North Dakota in 2017 were aged 12-17. To overcome the challenges that youth face in overcoming substance addiction, some treatment centers provide adolescent-specific treatment programs.

    Additional Resources for Parents and Teachers

    The North Dakota State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW), developed by the North Dakota DHS Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, offers data on substance use in the state and provides an advanced search engine to easily find information by substance, location, and demographic, which include youth statistics from middle school through university students. Additionally, parents and teachers can learn about substance abuse treatment and recovery services for youth at the Adult & Teen Challenge website.

    Co-Occurring Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment

    Substance abuse and mental health issues tend to go hand-in-hand – the technical term is “co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.” The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that, in 2017, 45.6% of adults with a substance use disorder also had a mental health disorder, and 18.3% of adults with a mental health disorder also had a substance use disorder. For adolescents in 2017, 35.9% of those with a substance use disorder also had a major depressive episode, while 10.7% of adolescents with a major depressive episode also had a substance use disorder.

    Mental Health Resources & Treatment

    If you or someone you love is suffering from mental health issues, such as depression, PTSD, eating disorders, or severe anxiety, there are many resources from which to receive help.

    Below are a few ways to receive immediate assistance, as advised by MentalHealth.gov:

    Emergency Services: If your life (or someone else’s life) is in danger, always start by dialing 911 to gain immediate access to emergency services.

    Suicide Prevention: The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is: 800-273-8255. You can also initiate a private live online chat.

    Veterans Crisis Line: Dial the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 and press “1” to talk to someone immediately. You can also access help with a private online chat or text 838255.

    Here are two ways to find a provider of mental health treatment in North Dakota:

    North Dakota Department of Behavioral Health Services: The DHS website has a section dedicated to helping the general public with mental health concerns and a special section devoted to mental health services for youth.

    North Dakota National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): The North Dakota branch of NAMI offers resources, education, and support for individuals with mental health concerns, including dedicated sections for adolescents and veterans.

    Individuals who have both substance use and mental health disorders may benefit from dual-diagnosis rehab facilities. Use the appropriate filter in our tool above to find rehabilitation centers with treatment programs designed to meet the unique challenges posed by co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.

    III. Finding Aftercare in North Dakota

    Substance abuse aftercare treatment is often overlooked, but it’s one of the most crucial steps in the rehabilitation process. The chances of relapsing after rehab dramatically rise for individuals who try to resume their lives without pursuing further treatment in an aftercare setting. Several different types of aftercare are available for recovering addicts, including follow-up visits for continued therapy, group therapy, and sober living homes. Research shows that long-term participation in aftercare activities dramatically improves the outcome of rehabilitation efforts.

    12-Step Addiction Meetings in North Dakota

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) designed the 12-step process for individuals recovering from alcohol addiction, and today there are many other 12-step programs for other addictions and issues – Narcotics Anonymous (NA) being just one example.


    Contact the appropriate local organization to find an AA or NA meeting near you

    The tool below lists the contact information for local organizations that will connect you to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings near you. Since meeting times and locations change periodically, contact the local groups that coordinate the meetings to ensure that the information is up to date.

    NameCityProgramTelephoneSpanish Hotline
    12th District Central OfficeAugustaAA(706) 860-8331N/A
    12th Step IntergroupHarrisonburgAA(540) 434-8870N/A
    17th District IntergroupHoumaAA(985) 326-3789N/A
    1st Link 211 HelplineFargoAA(701) 235-7355;(701) 232-9930N/A
    24 Hour Answering ServiceDavenportAA(309) 764-1016N/A
    24 Hour Answering ServiceWashingtonAA(724) 225-4188N/A
    24 Hour Answering ServiceAbileneAA(817) 922-9859;(800) 396-1602N/A
    24 Hour Answering ServiceChinoAA(909) 628-4428N/A
    24 Hour Answering ServiceDavisAA(800) 970-9040N/A
    24 Hour Answering ServiceTwain HarteAA(209) 533-1134N/A
    24 Hour Answering ServiceYuba CityAA(916) 454-1100;(916) 454-1771N/A
    24 Hour Answering ServiceLakewoodAA(716) 488-2233N/A
    24 Hour HotlineBattle CreekAA(269) 964-7577N/A
    24-Hour HotlineThousand OaksAA(805) 495-1111N/A
    52nd District Alcoholics Anonymous Central OfficeSanta MariaAA(805) 925-3782N/A
    916 North Area NA916 North Area (Chico)NA(877) 669-1669N/A
    A B E IntergroupBethlehemAA(610) 882-0558N/A
    A.A. 24 Hour Hotline Dist. 61HelenaAA(406) 443-0438N/A
    A.A. Assistance LineSt. CloudAA(320) 202-1895N/A
    A.A. Central Office Of Kern CountyBakersfieldAA(661) 322-4025N/A
    A.A. District 19 HotlineSpringfieldAA(217) 525-5795;(866) 525-5795N/A
    A.A. Intergroup OfficeNewarkAA(740) 345-7060N/A
    A.A. Jackson County Central OfficeMedfordAA(541) 732-1850N/A
    A.A. Of Greater DetroitFerndaleAA(877) 337-0611;(248) 541-6565N/A
    A.A. Of Oakland CountyPontiacAA(248) 332-3521;(248) 332-6116N/A
    A.A. Oficina Del Area De P.R.Caguas/Urb. Condado ModernoAAN/A(787) 704-1634
    A.A. San Fernando Valley C.O.Van NuysAA(818) 988-3001N/A
    A.A. Tele Answering Service CommSharonAA(866) 309-1090N/A
    A.A. Upper Bucks CountySellersvilleAA(215) 721-3656N/A
    AA 24-Hour Hotline for Columbia/Montour Counties,PABloomsburgAA(800) 640-7545;(570) 654-0488N/A
    AA Answering ServiceSturgeon BayAA(855) 746-0901N/A
    AA Randolph CountyAsheboroAAN/AN/A
    AA Rockingham CountyWentworthAA(336) 854-4278N/A
    AATASC-Mercer County -Serving Sharon,Hermitage,Farrel,Greenville,Mercer,West Middlesex,SharpesvilleMercer CountyAA(866) 309-1090N/A
    ABCD Region NAABCD RegionNA(888) 399-5519N/A
    Acadiana Area Central OfficeLafayetteAA(337) 991-0830N/A
    Across The River Area NAAcross The River Area (Olney, Harrisburg)NA(877) 642-5831N/A
    Across the River Area NAAcross the River Area (Evansville)NA(877) 642-5831N/A
    Across the River Area NAAcross the River Area (Henderson)NA(877) 642-5831N/A
    Agua Fria IntergroupPeoriaAA(623) 937-7770;(623) 937-7836N/A
    Akron Intergroup CouncilAkronAA(800) 897-6737;(330) 253-8181N/A
    Alcoholicos Anonimos Distrito 7El PasoAAN/A(915) 351-1141
    Alcoholics Anonymous 24-Hour HotlineGaltAA(209) 339-1201N/A
    Alcoholics Anonymous District 29 HotlineBaker,Union and Wallowa CntyAA(541) 624-5117N/A
    Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline/Utica, NYUticaAA(315) 732-6880N/A
    Alcoholics Anonymous Information Dist 1 Of Area 36RochesterAA(507) 281-1747N/A
    All South Bay Central OfficeTorranceAA(310) 618-1180N/A
    Almost Heavan Area NAAlmost Heavan Area (Charles Town, Martinsburg, Shepherdstown, Romney)NA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Almost Heaven Area NAAlmost Heaven Area (Berryville)NA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Almost Heaven Area NAAlmost Heaven Area (Waynesboro)NA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Almost Heaven Area NAAlmost Heaven Area (Hagerstown)NA(800) 777-1515N/A
    American River Area NAAmerican River Area (Sacramento)NA(800) 600-4673;(866) 565-2135N/A
    Ames IntergroupAmesAA(515) 232-8642N/A
    Anchorage Area NAAnchorage AreaNA(907) 277-5483N/A
    Anchorage Intergroup OfficeAnchorageAA(907) 272-2312N/A
    Annapolis Area Intergroup Inc.AnnapolisAA(410) 268-5441N/A
    Answ Serv Alamogordo & Ruidoso AreaAlamogordoAA(575) 430-9502N/A
    Answer Plus Answering ServiceCedar RapidsAA(319) 365-5955N/A
    Answering ServiceLimaAA(419) 234-3800N/A
    Answering ServiceBarreAA(802) 229-5100N/A
    Answering ServiceBurlingtonAA(802) 864-1212N/A
    Answering ServiceAlbert LeaAA(507) 373-7307N/A
    Answering ServiceAustinAA(507) 437-3797N/A
    Answering ServiceMiddleburyAA(802) 388-9284N/A
    Answering ServiceMontpelierAA(802) 229-5100N/A
    Answering ServiceWhite RiverAA(802) 295-7611N/A
    Answering ServiceAppletonAA(920) 731-4331N/A
    Answering ServiceHobbsAA(575) 397-7009N/A
    Answering ServiceRoswellAA(575) 622-6560N/A
    Answering ServiceTaosAA(575) 758-3318N/A
    Answering Service (Bennington, VT)BenningtonAA(802) 447-1285N/A
    Answering Service (Brattleboro, VT)BrattleboroAA(802) 257-5801N/A
    Answering Service (Dorset,VT)DorsetAA(802) 447-1285N/A
    Answering Service (Manchester, VT)ManchesterAA(802) 447-1285N/A
    Answering Service (Springfield, VT)SpringfieldAA(802) 885-8281N/A
    Answering Service Of St. Lawrence CountyPotsdamAA(315) 268-0120N/A
    Answering Service( Rutland, VT)RutlandAA(802) 775-0402N/A
    Answering Service- District 14St. ThomasAA(340)776-5283N/A
    Antelope Valley IntergroupLancasterAA(661) 945-5757N/A
    Appalachian Foothills Area NAAppalachian Foothills Area (Cambridge, Marietta)NA(800) 766-4442N/A
    Appalachian Ohio Intergroup OfficeChillicotheAA(740) 774-2646?N/A
    Area 1 District 9 24 Hour Phone LineOpelikaAA(334) 531-2676N/A
    Area 12 NAArea 12 (Columbus)NA(402) 563-3853N/A
    Area 13 Ohio NAArea 13 Ohio (SE Ohio)NAN/AN/A
    Area 16 District 8 HotlineMaconAA(478) 232-6280N/A
    Area 18 Answering Service ( Burley and Rupert)BurleyAA(208) 670-4313N/A
    Area 18 Answering Service (Gooding and Jerome)GoodingAA(208) 837-6048N/A
    Area 18 Answering Service (Idaho Falls)Idaho FallsAA(208) 524-7729N/A
    Area 18 Answering Service (Ketchum and Sun Valley)KetchumAA(208) 721-0565N/A
    Area 18 Answering Service (Twin Falls)Twin FallsAA(208) 733-8300N/A
    Area 18 Answering Service-BoiseBoiseAA(208) 344-6611N/A
    Area 18 Dist. 01 Answering Service (Pocatello and Blackfoot)PocatelloAA(208) 235-1444N/A
    Area 18 Spanish Language Answering Service -BoiseBoiseAAN/A(208) 703-1574
    Area 18 Spanish Language Answering Service-(Ketchum ,Sun Valley & Twin Falls)KetchumAAN/A(208) 721-2989
    Area 25 District 6 HotlineManhattanAA(800) 564-0515N/A
    Area 34 District 1 Answering Service-Berrien & Cass CountyStevensvilleAA(800) 837-4247N/A
    Area 37 District 22 Answering SerivceHattiesburgAA(601) 583-5910N/A
    Area 40 (Montana) HotlineBillingsAA(888) 607-2000N/A
    Area 92 District 12 HotlineOmakAA(509) 826-6299N/A
    Area 92 District 14 (North Idaho,Northwest Montana and Northeast Washington)Bonners FerryAA(800) 326-2164N/A
    Area 92 North Central Idaho Answering ServiceLewistonAA(509) 758-2821N/A
    Area de Habla Hispana del Norte California NAArea de Habla Hispana del Norte CaliforniaNAN/A(855) 667-2262
    Area of Hope Area NAArea of Hope Area (St. Paul)NA(877) 767-7676N/A
    Arkansas Central Service OfficeLittle RockAA(501) 664-7303N/A
    Ashtabula Area IntergroupAshtabulaAA(440) 992-8383N/A
    Aswering ServiceDanvilleAA(434) 799-4111N/A
    Athens Area Answering ServiceAthensAA(706) 543-0436N/A
    Back To Basics Area NABack To Basics Area (Mankato)NA(877) 767-7676N/A
    Badgerland Area NABadgerland Area (Madison, Janesville, Milton, Ft Atkinson, Stoughton, Whitewater)NA(888) 431-7526N/A
    Baltimore Area NABaltimore AreaNA(800) 317-3222N/A
    Baltimore Intergroup Council Of A.A.BaltimoreAA(410) 663-1922N/A
    Basic Area NABasic Area (Burlington, Delevan, East Troy, Elkhorn, Lake Geneva)NA(877) 434-4346N/A
    Bath Area IntergroupHammondsportAA(877) 700-4199N/A
    Battle Creek Area NABattle Creek Area (Battle Creek, Hastings, Coldwater)NA(800) 230-4085N/A
    Battlefield Area NABattlefield Area (Culpeper, Warrenton, Manassas)NA(800) 543-4670N/A
    Bay Area NABay Area (Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Pinellas County)NA(888) 779-7117N/A
    Bay Cities Area NABay Cities Area (Long Beach, San Pedro, Torrance, Hermosa Beach)NA(310) 372-9666N/A
    Bay County Unity IntergroupBay CityAA(989) 894-1949N/A
    Bayou Recovery Area NABayou Recovery Area (Baton Rouge)NA(225) 381-9609N/A
    Beach & Bay Area NABeach & Bay Area (Miami Beach)NA(800) 918-2330N/A
    Beach Area NABeach Area (Virginia Beach)NA(866) 972-5055N/A
    Beach Area NABeach AreaNAN/AN/A
    Beaver Valley Area NABeaver Valley AreaNA(888) 251-2426N/A
    Bee Hive Area NABee Hive Area (Wilkes Barre)NA(866) 935-4762N/A
    Bergen Area NABergen AreaNA(800) 992-0401N/A
    Berkshire County Area NABerkshire County AreaNA(413) 443-4377N/A
    Berkshire County Area NABerkshire County Area (Pittsfield)NA(413) 443-4377N/A
    Berkshire Intergroup OfficePittsfieldAA(413) 443-0212;(413)448-2382N/A
    Best Little Area NABest Little Area (Toledo, OH)NA(419) 250-6262N/A
    Big Bend Area NABig Bend Area (Tallahassee)NA(877) 340-5096;(850) 224-2321N/A
    Big Country Area NABig Country Area (Abilene)NA(325) 691-9209N/A
    Big Country Area NABig Country Area (Ballinger)NA(325) 365-2187;(325) 365-3339N/A
    Big Country Area NABig Country Area (San Angelo)NA(325) 657-6646N/A
    Big Rivers Area NABig Rivers Area (La Crosse, Prairie du Chien, Sparta, Tomah)NA(866) 579-7534N/A
    Big Rivers Area NABig Rivers Area (Spring Grove)NA(866) 579-7534N/A
    Big Rivers Area NABig Rivers Area (Winona)NA(877) 767-7676N/A
    Biggest Little Area in the World NABiggest Little Area in the World (Reno)NA(775) 322-4811N/A
    Birmingham IntergroupBirminghamAA(205) 290-0060N/A
    Blackwell Southside Area NABlackwell Southside AreaNA(804) 965-1871N/A
    Bladen, Cumberland, Robeson Central OfficeFayettevilleAA(910) 678-8733N/A
    Bloomington/Normal Answering ServiceBloomingtonAA(309) 828-7092N/A
    Blue Mountain Area NABlue Mountain Area (Walla Walla)NA(800) 766-3724N/A
    Blue Mountain Area NABlue Mountain Area (LaGrande, Pendleton, Milton-Freewater)NA(800) 766-3724N/A
    Blue Ridge Area IntergroupWinchesterAA(540) 667-0322N/A
    Blue Ridge Area NABlue Ridge AreaNA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Blue Water Area NABlue Water Area (St Clair, Port Huron)NA(877) 338-1188N/A
    Bluegrass IntergroupLexingtonAA(859) 225-1212N/A
    Boone IntergroupBooneAA(828) 264-1212;(828) 264-0208N/A
    Borderline Area NABorderline Area (Charlotte, Monroe, Pineville, Waxhaw, Weddington)NAN/AN/A
    Boston Area NABoston Area (New England Region)NA(866) 624-3578N/A
    Boston Central ServiceBostonAA(617) 426-9444;(617) 426-4807N/A
    Boulder Area NABoulder Area (Berthoud, Boulder, Brighton, Gunbarrel, Longmont)NA(303) 412-2884N/A
    Boulder County Central OfficeBoulderAA(303) 447-8201N/A
    Bowling Green Central OfficeBowling GreenAA(270) 782-5267N/A
    Brazos Valley Area NABrazos Valley AreaNA(979) 822-9094N/A
    Brazos Valley IntergroupBryanAAN/AN/A
    Brevard IntergroupMelbourneAA(321) 724-2247N/A
    Bringing Freedom East Area NABringing Freedom East Area (Sterling, Yuma)NA(970) 458-5081N/A
    Bronx Area NABronx AreaNA(212) 929-6262N/A
    Brooklyn Area NABrooklyn AreaNA(212) 929-6262N/A
    Brooklyn IntergroupBrooklynAA(718) 851-3039N/A
    Broward County A.A. IntergroupOakland ParkAA(954) 462-0265;(954) 462-7202N/A
    Buckeye Region NABuckeye Region (NE Ohio, Cleveland)NA(888) 438-4673N/A
    Bucks County Area NABucks County AreaNA(844) 624-3575N/A
    Buffalo Area NABuffalo AreaNA(716) 878-2316N/A
    Buffalo Central OfficeSloanAA(716) 853-0388N/A
    Butler County South Answering ServiceMarsAA(724) 935-7238N/A
    Butler Vicinity Answering ServiceLyndoraAA(724) 679-5647N/A
    Cache Valley Intergroup Of A.A.LoganAA(435) 890-5977N/A
    Calumet Area IntergroupHammondAA(219) 660-0867;(219) 844-6695N/A
    CAN Area NACAN Area (Needles)NA(928) 768-6467N/A
    CAN Area NACAN Area (Laughlin)NA(888) 495-3222;(928) 768-6467N/A
    CAN Area NACAN Area (Bullhead City, Kingman)NA(928) 768-6467N/A
    Canton Area Intergroup CouncilCantonAA(330) 491-1989N/A
    Cape Atlantic Area NACape Atlantic AreaNA(800) 992-0401N/A
    Cape Atlantic IntergroupEgg Harbor TownshipAA(609) 641-8855N/A
    Cape Cod IntergroupHyannisAA(508) 775-7060N/A
    Capital Area NACapital AreaNA(732) 933-0462;(800) 992-0401N/A
    Capital Area NACapital Area (Greater Raleigh)NA(877) 590-6262N/A
    Capital Area NACapital Area (Harrisburg)NA(717) 233-3733N/A
    Capital Area NACapital AreaNA(517) 371-8606N/A
    Capital District Central OfficeAlbanyAA(518) 463-0906N/A
    Carbondale HelplineCarbondaleAA(800) 307-6600N/A
    Carteret County Answering ServiceMoreheadAA(252) 726-8540N/A
    Catawba Valley Area NACatawba Valley Area (Greater Hickory)NA(866) 611-3650N/A
    Central Alabama Area NACentral Alabama Area (Montgomery, Prattville, Tuskegee, Union Springs)NA(866) 985-0008N/A
    Central Alleghany Mountain Area NACentral Alleghany Mountain AreaNA(814) 596-2614N/A
    Central Answering ServiceState CollegeAA(814) 237-3757N/A
    Central Arkansas Area NACentral Arkansas Area (50 mile radius from Little Rock)NA866.754-2579N/A
    Central Arkansas Area NACentral Arkansas Area (Hot Springs)NA(501) 321-8700N/A
    Central Arkansas Area NACentral Arkansas Area (Little Rock)NA(501) 373-8683N/A
    Central Basin Area NACentral Basin Area (Wyoming)NA(855) 596-4673N/A
    Central California Area NACentral California Area (Fresno)NA(559) 255-5881N/A
    Central California FellowshipSacramentoAA(916) 454-1100;(916) 454-1771N/A
    Central Carolina Area NACentral Carolina Area (Greater Columbia)NA(803) 254-6262N/A
    Central Coast Area NACentral Coast Area (Lompoc, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles)NA(800) 549-7730N/A
    Central Coast Central Office IntergroupSan Luis ObispoAA(805) 541-3211;(855) 541-3288N/A
    Central Delaware IntergroupDoverAA(302) 736-1567N/A
    Central Detroit Area NACentral Detroit AreaNAN/A
    Central Florida Intergroup Service (Orlando Area)CasselberryAA(407) 260-5822;(407) 260-5408N/A
    Central Illinois Area NACentral Illinois AreaNA(800) 539-0475N/A
    Central Indiana Area NACentral Indiana Area (Indianapolis)NA(317) 875-5459N/A
    Central Intergroup Office Of The DesertCathedral CityAA(760) 324-4880N/A
    Central Jersey IntergroupBordentownAA(609) 298-7795N/A
    Central Kansas Area NACentral Kansas Area (Great Bend, Hays, Hoisington, Larned, Russell)NA(855) 252-7326N/A
    Central Lakes A.A. Phone LineBrainerdAA(218) 829-3740N/A
    Central Louisiana Area NACentral Louisiana Area (Alexandria, Jonesville Downtown)NA(318) 542-7557N/A
    Central Massachusetts Area NACentral Massachusetts AreaNA(866) 624-3578N/A
    Central Miami IntergroupMiamiAA(305) 504-7211N/A
    Central Minnesota Area NACentral Minnesota AreaNA(877) 767-7676N/A
    Central Mountain IntergroupCottonwoodAA(928) 646-9428N/A
    Central Nebraska Area NACentral Nebraska Area (Grand Island, Hastings, Aurora, Central City)NAN/AN/A
    Central New Jersey Area NACentral New Jersey AreaNA(732) 933-0462N/A
    Central OfficeAtlantaAA(404) 525-3178;(404) 523-5650N/A
    Central OfficeWichitaAA(316) 684-3661N/A
    Central OfficeShreveportAA(318) 865-2172N/A
    Central Office Albuquerque Inc.AlbuquerqueAA(505) 266-1900N/A
    Central Office MurphyMurphyAA(828) 837-4440N/A
    Central Office Of AA-Snohomish CountyEverettAA(425) 252-2525N/A
    Central Office Of Dayton, Inc.DaytonAA(937) 222-2211N/A
    Central Office Of Ft. WorthFt WorthAA(817) 922-9859;(800) 396-1602N/A
    Central Office Of Mid-Missouri (C.O.M.M.)Jefferson CityAA(314) 482-1892N/A
    Central Office Of North IdahoCoeur D'AleneAA(208) 667-4633N/A
    Central Office Of Northern UtahOgdenAA(801) 393-4728N/A
    Central Office Of Salt Lake City Inc.Salt Lake CityAA(801) 484-7871N/A
    Central Office of Santa Fe IntergroupSanta FeAA(505) 982-8932N/A
    Central Office Of Sara-Mana Inc.SarasotaAA(941) 951-6810;(941) 351-4818N/A
    Central Office Of Southern OregonGrants PassAA(541) 474-0782N/A
    Central Office Of Southwest Missouri (COSWMO)SpringfieldAA(417) 823-7125N/A
    Central Office Of West PascoNew Port RicheyAA(727) 847-0777N/A
    Central Office Of Western ColoradoGrand JunctionAA(888) 333-9649N/A
    Central Office Of Western Colorado Answering ServiceGlenwood SpringsAA(970) 245-9649;(888) 333-9649N/A
    Central Office Winston-SalemWinston-SalemAA(336) 725-6031N/A
    Central Office/IntergroupDes MoinesAA(515) 282-8550;(800) 207-2172N/A
    Central Offices Of San JuanFarmingtonAA(505) 327-0731N/A
    Central Ohio Area NACentral Ohio Area (Columbus, London)NA(614) 252-1700N/A
    Central Ohio Group Fellowship IntergroupColumbusAA(614) 253-8501;(800) 242-1729N/A
    Central Oregon High Desert Area NACentral Oregon High Desert Area (Burns, La Pine, Madras, Bend)NA(541) 416-2146N/A
    Central Oregon IntergroupRedmondAA(541) 548-0440;(541) 923-8199N/A
    Central Ozarks Area NACentral Ozarks AreaNA(417) 372-0747N/A
    Central Pensylvania Area NACentral Pensylvania AreaNA(814) 761-3240N/A
    Central Piedmont Area NACentral Piedmont Area (Greater Concord)NA(704) 640-6488N/A
    Central Savannah River Area NACentral Savannah River Area (Augusta)NA(706) 855-2419N/A
    Central Service Intergroup Of Orange CountyGoshenAA(845) 534-8525N/A
    Central Service OfficeElkhartAA(574) 295-8188N/A
    Central Service OfficePortlandAA(207) 774-4335;(207) 774-3034;(800) 737-6237N/A
    Central Service OfficeSan AntonioAA(210) 828-6235;(210) 821-6325N/A
    Central Service OfficeTylerAA(903) 597-1796N/A
    Central Service Office Of FresnoFresnoAA(559) 221-6907N/A
    Central Service Office Of South ColoradoPuebloAA(719) 546-1173N/A
    Central Services Of A.A.(St. Louis Central Service Office)Saint LouisAA(314) 647-3677N/A
    Central Services OfficeTacomaAA(253) 474-8897N/A
    Central Sierra Area NACentral Sierra Area (Angels Camp)NA(800) 240-4956N/A
    Central Sierra South Area NACentral Sierra South Area (Sonora)NA(209) 533-2348N/A
    Central Susquehanna Area NACentral Susquehanna Area (Lewisburg, Bloomsburg, Mt Carmel)NA(877) 501-1246N/A
    Central Texas Area NACentral Texas Area (Austin)NA(512) 480-0004N/A
    Central Texas Area NACentral Texas Area (Spanish)NAN/A(512) 480-0007
    Central Texas IntergroupWacoAA(254) 754-3336N/A
    Central Utah Area NACentral Utah Area (Orem, Provo)NA(801) 810-4081N/A
    Central Valley IntergroupModestoAA(209) 572-2970N/A
    Central Valley North Area NACentral Valley North Area (Acampo, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Stockton, Tracy, Victor)NA(209) 464-9262N/A
    Central Washington Area NACentral Washington Area (Yakima)NA(877) 664-0398N/A
    Central Washington Central OfficeYakimaAA(509) 453-7680N/A
    Central Western Pennsylvania Area NACentral Western Pennsylvania Area (Meadville)NA(814) 337-4529N/A
    Central Wyoming Area NACentral Wyoming Area (Casper)NA(307) 266-7154N/A
    Champlain Valley Area NAChamplain Valley AreaNA(866) 580-8718N/A
    Champlain Valley Area NAChamplain Valley Area (Vermont)NA(802) 862-4516N/A
    Champlain Valley Area NAChamplain Valley Area (Plattsburgh)NA(866) 580-8718;(802) 862-4516N/A
    Chatauqua Area NAChatauqua Area (Jamestown)NA(716) 240-5983N/A
    Chattahoochee Flint Rivers Area NAChattahoochee Flint Rivers Area (Columbus, La Grange, Woodbury, Warm Springs)NA(706) 576-9606N/A
    Chattahoochee Flint Rivers Area NAChattahoochee Flint Rivers Area (Phenix City)NA(706) 576-9606N/A
    Chattanooga Area Central OfficeChattanoogaAA(423) 499-6003N/A
    Chattanooga Area NAChattanooga Area (Chattanooga, Athens, Cleveland, Dunlap, Lafayette, Summerville)NA(888) 463-2117N/A
    Chelan & Douglas Counties Area NAChelan & Douglas Counties AreaNA(855) 552-3262N/A
    Chesapeake & Potamac Region NAChesapeake & Potamac RegionNA(800) 543-4670N/A
    Chesapeake & Potomac Region NAChesapeake & Potomac RegionNA(800) 543-4670N/A
    Chicago Area Service OfficeChicagoAA(312) 346-1475;(800) 371-1475N/A
    Chicagoland Region NAChicagoland RegionNA(708) 848-4884N/A
    Chippewa Valley Area NAChippewa Valley Area (Eau Claire, Menomonee, Cadott)NA(888) 543-0924N/A
    Chippewa Valley IntergroupEau ClaireAA(800) 471-9876;(715) 835-5543N/A
    Cincinnati Intergroup OfficeCincinnatiAA(513) 351-0422N/A
    City of Oneida 24 Hr Answering ServiceOneidaAA(315) 533-1227N/A
    Clarksville Area NAClarksville AreaNA(931) 221-2807N/A
    Clean & Free Area NAClean & Free Area (Waterloo)NA(319) 291-8803N/A
    Clean Acres Area NAClean Acres Area (Chester County)NA(215) 629-6757N/A
    Cleveland 24 Hour Answering ServiceClevelandAA(662) 846-1132N/A
    Cleveland District OfficeClevelandAA(216) 241-7387N/A
    Coastal Area NACoastal Area (Kingsland, Hinesville, Baxley, Statesboro, Darien)NA(800) 334-3322N/A
    Coastal Bend Area NACoastal Bend Area (Corpus Christi and surrounding)NA(361) 992-2113N/A
    Coastal Bend Intergroup AssociationCorpus ChristiAA(361) 992-8911;(866) 672-7029N/A
    Coastal Carolina Area NACoastal Carolina Area (Burgaw, Clinton, Jacksonville, E Arcadia, Oak Isl, Warsaw, Swansboro, Wilm)NA(800) 691-5427N/A
    Cochise County Dist 02-200 Answering SvcSierra VistaAA(866) 780-9758;(520) 459-0031N/A
    Colorado Springs Area Service OfficeColorado SpringsAA(719) 573-5020N/A
    Columbia County Answering ServiceHudsonAA(518) 463-0906N/A
    Conch Republic Area NAConch Republic AreaNA(866) 584-2411N/A
    Conch Republic Area NAConch Republic Area (Lower Keys)NA(305) 394-5962N/A
    Conch Republic Area NAConch Republic Area (Upper Keys)NA(305) 664-2270N/A
    Connecticut Statewide 24 Hour HotlineConnecticutAA(866) 783-7712N/A
    Connecticut Statewide Spanish HotlineConnecticutAAN/A(855) 377-2628
    Contra Costa Area NAContra Costa Area (Concord)NA(925) 685-4357N/A
    Contra Costa Service CenterWalnut CreekAA(925) 939-4155;(925) 939-5371N/A
    Coos Bay Area-North Bend NACoos Bay Area-North BendNA(541) 267-0273N/A
    Corning Answering ServiceCorningAA(877) 501-1249N/A
    Corning IntergroupCorningAA(607) 368-9155N/A
    Cortland Homer IntergroupHomerAA(607) 753-1344N/A
    County Line Area NACounty Line Area (Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks)NA(888) 672-9318N/A
    Crossroads Area NACrossroads Area (Angier, Dunn, Lillington, Benson, Clayton, Selma, Smithfield)NA(800) 372-5447N/A
    Crossroads Area NACrossroads Area (Kokomo/Lafayette)NA(765) 456-5905N/A
    Crowleys Ridge Area NACrowleys Ridge Area (Jonesboro)NA(800) 338-8750N/A
    Cumberland Salem Area NACumberland Salem AreaNA(800) 992-0401N/A
    Cumberland Valley Area NACumberland Valley Area (Chambersburg, New Oxford, Waynesboro)NA(800) 445-3889;(717) 642-3733N/A
    Dallas Area NADallas AreaNA(972) 699-9306N/A
    Dallas Area NADallas Area (En Espanol)NA(888) 600-6229N/A
    Dallas Intergroup AssociationDallasAA(214) 887-6699N/A
    Dayton Area NADayton AreaNA(937) 833-6262N/A
    Daytona Beach Area NADaytona Beach AreaNA(844) 344-3155N/A
    Del Norte IntergroupCrescent CityAA(707) 464-3411N/A
    Delaware County Area NADelaware County AreaNA(215) 629-6757N/A
    Delta Area NADelta Area (Clarkdale, Greenwood, Indianola)NAN/AN/A
    Delta Central OfficeStocktonAA(209) 464-1509N/A
    Denver Area Central OfficeDenverAA(303) 322-4440;(303) 322-5636N/A
    Desert Empire Area NADesert Empire Area (Barstow)NA(800) 863-2962N/A
    DeSoto Co. Mississippi HotlineSouthavenAA(662) 280-3435N/A
    Detroit & Wayne County OfficeDetroitAA(313) 831-5550;(313) 831-2555N/A
    Detroit East Area NADetroit East AreaNA(248) 543-7200N/A
    Detroit West Area NADetroit West AreaNAN/A
    Diamondback Area NADiamondback Area (Lubbock & Levelland)NA(806) 747-1976N/A
    Dist 02A-B Tifton-ValdostaTiftonAA(800) 878-1829N/A
    Dist 07A 24 Hr Answering ServiceMaconAA(833) 643-4222N/A
    Dist 10 Plattsburgh Answering ServicePlattsburghAA(518) 561-8444N/A
    Dist 10 Saranac Lake Answering ServiceSaranac LakeAA(800) 281-1190N/A
    Dist 11 Answering ServiceMiddletownAA(513) 423-0102N/A
    Dist 12 Answering ServiceChampaignAA(217) 373-4200N/A
    Dist 23 Answering ServiceBartlettAA(630) 830-6091N/A
    Dist 23 Westmoreland Cty Answering SvceGreensburgAA(866) 851-8459N/A
    Dist 93 Intergroup Covering Outer BanksKitty HawkAA(252) 256-0850N/A
    Dist. 02 IntergroupSheridanAA(307) 674-2082N/A
    Dist. 06 Answering ServiceCasperAA(307) 266-9578N/A
    Dist. 10 Answering ServiceAntiochAA(847) 395-5988N/A
    Dist. 10 Answering ServiceLibertyvilleAA(847) 362-1811N/A
    Dist. 10 Answering ServiceOwossoAA(989) 723-5711N/A
    Dist. 10 Answering ServiceLaramieAA(307) 399-0590N/A
    Dist. 10 IntergroupSt. CharlesAA(989) 723-5711N/A
    Dist. 11 Answering ServiceCrystal LakeAA(815) 455-3311N/A
    Dist. 12 Answering ServiceCheyenneAA(307) 632-7706N/A
    Dist. 12 Hilltop Answering ServiceWaukeganAA(847) 623-9660N/A
    Dist. 12 Office 24 Hr. Answering ServiceColumbiaAA(573) 442-4424N/A
    Dist. 13 Answering ServiceQueensburyAA(518) 793-1113N/A
    Dist. 13 IntergroupIowa CityAA(319) 338-9111N/A
    Dist. 16 Answering ServiceRiverdaleAA(800) 821-3014N/A
    Dist. 16 HelplineLake CityAA(386) 758-4283N/A
    Dist. 17 Gen Serv Comm Answering ServiceAltoonaAA(814)946-9002;(888)202-9042N/A
    Dist. 17 HelplineWest FrankfortAA(800) 307-6600N/A
    Dist. 18 24 Hour Answering ServiceWaitsburgAA(509) 522-8251N/A
    Dist. 18 Answering ServiceAltonAA(800) 307-6600N/A
    Dist. 18 Answering ServiceMarquetteAA(800) 605-5043N/A
    Dist. 20-Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley and Surrounding AreasWestern Nevada CountyAA(530) 272-6287N/A
    Dist. 21 Answering ServicePalatineAA(847) 359-3311N/A
    Dist. 22 Answering ServiceElginAA(847) 742-7870N/A
    Dist. 28 Answering ServiceBarringtonAA(847) 382-4455N/A
    Dist. 33 Answering Service-Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, and Orange CountiesPittsboroAA(888) 237-3235;(919) 542-4664N/A
    Dist. 33 Answering Service-Alamance,Caswell,Chatham, Orange CountiesBurlingtonAA(888) 237-3235;(336) 228-7611N/A
    Dist. 33 Answering Service-Alamance,Caswell,Chatham, Orange CountiesChapel HillAA(888) 237-3235;(919) 933-3877N/A
    Dist. 4 Answering ServiceFairacresAA(575) 527-1803N/A
    Dist. 4 IntergroupCentral OfficeMt. VernonAA(740) 393-2439N/A
    Dist. 4-Gloversville, Johnstown & Amsterdam Answering ServiceGloversvilleAA(518) 736-2644N/A
    Dist. 40 Answering ServiceGlen EllynAA(630) 653-6556N/A
    Dist. 41 Answering ServiceElmhurstAA(630) 833-7897N/A
    Dist. 42 Answering ServiceDowners GroveAA(630) 887-8671N/A
    Dist. 43 Answering ServiceNapervilleAA(630) 355-2622N/A
    Dist. 46 24 Hour HelplineWellsboroAA(800) 316-2636N/A
    Dist. 51 Answering ServiceJolietAA(815) 741-6637N/A
    Dist. 52 Answering ServiceKankakeeAA(815) 939-4996N/A
    Dist. 58 HotlinePottsvilleAA(800) 659-4558N/A
    Dist. 60,62,63,64 Answering ServiceAuroraAA(630) 859-2444N/A
    Dist. 61 Answering ServiceSt. CharlesAA(630) 377-6610N/A
    Dist. 71 Answering ServiceDe KalbAA(800) 452-7990N/A
    Dist. 72 Answering ServiceFreeportAA(800) 452-7990N/A
    Dist. 73 Answering ServiceDixonAA(800) 452-7990N/A
    Dist. 80 Answering ServicePrincetonAA(815) 223-7374N/A
    Dist. 81 A.A.MissoulaAA(406) 543-0011N/A
    Dist. 91 Central OfficeGalesburgAA(309) 343-1530N/A
    Dist.12-Area 34 Answering ServiceGaylordAA(866) 336-9588N/A
    Distict 11AndulasiaAAN/AN/A
    District 01Muscle ShoalsAA(256) 386-0663N/A
    District 15 IntergroupPanama CityAA(850) 784-7431N/A
    District 16 IntergroupHopewellAA(804) 452-1959N/A
    District 19Baldwin CountyAA(800) 477-1104N/A
    District 20 Midland CountyMidlandAA(989) 698-2975N/A
    District 22 AA Answering ServicePullmanAA(208) 882-1597N/A
    District 22 Answering ServicePort AngelesAA(360) 452-4212N/A
    District 23 - GreensboroGreensboroAA(336) 854-4278N/A
    District 26 Unity Council Answering ServiceHoughton LakeAA(866) 227-0015N/A
    District 27 Answering Service for Levy, Gilchrist and Dixie CountiesLevy,Gilchrist, Dixie CountiesAA(352) 949-2239N/A
    District 28 Unity Council Answering ServiceAlpenaAA(989) 354-2728N/A
    District 3 A.A. Hotline Answering ServiceHermistonAA(800) 410-5953N/A
    District 3 Answering ServiceBeckleyAA(304) 252-9444N/A
    District 35/Area 59-So. Central P.A. Answering ServiceHanoverAA(800) 296-9289N/A
    District 40 NEPASwoyersvilleAAN/AN/A
    District 5 Answering ServiceWenatcheeAA(509) 664-6469N/A
    District 62 Answering SerivceDingmans FerryAA(570) 296-5344N/A
    District 8 AA Answering ServicePoplar BluffAA(573) 712-0333N/A
    District 8 Answering ServiceHamptonAA(757) 595-1212N/A
    District 8 Livingston County Answering ServiceHowellAA(800) 612-5096;(517) 540-9533N/A
    District III 24 Hour Answering ServiceAmarilloAA(806) 329-3088;(877) 421-4334N/A
    District of Columbia Area NADistrict of Columbia Area (Downtown DC)NA(202) 399-5316;(800) 543-4670N/A
    Distrito 12El PasoAAN/A(915) 838-6264
    Dixie Central OfficeSt. GeorgeAA(435) 674-4791N/A
    Down East Area NADown East Area (Greenville)NA(866) 321-1631N/A
    Down East IntergroupEllsworthAA(207) 479-1779N/A
    Down Home Ozark Mountain Area NADown Home Ozark Mountain AreaNA(800) 668-1517N/A
    Dubois Answering ServiceDuboisAA(800) 400-2346N/A
    Dubuque Area IntergroupDubuqueAA(563) 557-9196N/A
    Dulles Corridor Area NADulles Corridor AreaNA(800) 543-4670N/A
    Dulles Corridor Area NADulles Corridor AreaNA(800) 543-4670N/A
    Durham County Answering ServiceDurham CountyAA(919) 286-9499N/A
    Dutchess County Dist. 11 Central OfficePoughkeepsieAA(845) 452-1111N/A
    East Bay Central Area NAEast Bay Central Area (Alameda County, Berkeley, Oakland, Fremont, Livermore)NA(510) 444-4673N/A
    East Bay North Area NAEast Bay North Area (Oakland)NA(510) 444-4673N/A
    East Central Area NAEast Central Area (Anderson)NAN/AN/A
    East Central Florida Area NAEast Central Florida AreaNA(844) 623-5674 x713N/A
    East County IntergroupEl CajonAA(877) 993-2422N/A
    East End Area NAEast End Area (Conyers, Monroe, Lawrenceville)NA(678) 405-0840N/A
    East End Area NAEast End Area (Squirrel Hill, Greenfield, Hazelwood, Lincoln Place)NA(888) 251-2426N/A
    East Hawaii Area NAEast Hawaii Area (Eastern Big Island)NA(808) 769-6016N/A
    East Hawaii IntergroupHiloAA(808) 961-6133N/A
    East Of The Bay Area NAEast Of The Bay AreaNA(800) 317-3222N/A
    East of the River Area NAEast of the River Area (Southeast DC)NA(800) 543-4670N/A
    East Shore Answering ServiceHarrisburgAA(717) 234-5390N/A
    East Tennessee IntergroupKnoxville/Ste 202AA(865) 522-9667N/A
    East Tennessee Ridges of Recovery Area NAEast Tennessee Ridges of Recovery Area (Hamblen County)NA(877) 354-0353N/A
    East Valley Intergroup Inc.MesaAA(480) 834-9033N/A
    Eastbay Intergroup Central OfficeOaklandAA(510) 839-8900(408) 417-1593
    Eastern Area NAEastern Area (Tulsa)NA(918) 747-0017N/A
    Eastern Counties Area NAEastern Counties Area (Whittier, Downey)NA(562) 698-4604N/A
    Eastern Inland Empire Area NAEastern Inland Empire Area (Riverside, San Bernardino)NA(800) 397-2333;(909) 370-3568N/A
    Eastern Long Island Area NAEastern Long Island Area (Suffolk County)NA(631) 689-6262N/A
    Eastern Nebraska Area NAEastern Nebraska Area (Omaha, Ralston, Blair, Plattsmouth, Nebraska City)NA(402) 660-3662N/A
    Eastern New York Region NAEastern New York RegionNAN/AN/A
    Eastern Shore AA HotlineDaphneAA(251) 301-6773(251) 301-6882
    Eastern Sierra Area NAEastern Sierra Area (Ridgecrest)NA(760) 446-4445N/A
    Eastside IntergroupBellevueAA(425) 454-9192N/A
    Elkhorn Valley Area NAElkhorn Valley Area (Norfolk, Newman Grove)NA(402) 841-6014N/A
    Elmira IntergroupElmiraAA(607) 737-6733N/A
    Emerald Coast Area NAEmerald Coast Area (Panama City and surrounding areas)NA(866) 985-0008N/A
    Emerald Valley IntergroupEugeneAA(541) 342-4113N/A
    En todo el estado de Texas espanol NAEn todo el estado de Texas espanolNAN/A(888) 600-6229
    Erie Area Answering ServiceErieAA(814) 452-2675N/A
    Esperanza Area NAEsperanza Area (Larado, San Antonio local)NA(800) 221-9091N/A
    Esperanza Area NAEsperanza Area (Laredo, San Antonio)NA(210) 434-0665N/A
    Everett Area NAEverett AreaNA(425) 609-6170N/A
    Extreme Northern Area NAExtreme Northern AreaNA(888) 666-3609;(706) 279-9974N/A
    Fairbanks Intergroup OfficeFairbanksAA(907) 456-7501N/A
    Fellowship for Freedom Area NAFellowship for Freedom Area (Topeka)NA(785) 232-5683N/A
    Finger Lakes Area Answering ServiceGenevaAA(315) 789-5955N/A
    Finger Lakes Area NAFinger Lakes AreaNA(877) 266-3660N/A
    First Coast Area NAFirst Coast Area (Jacksonville)NA(904) 723-5683N/A
    Five Rivers Area NAFive Rivers Area (Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Dayton, Fairborn, Hillsboro, Xenia, Yellow Springs)NA(937) 505-0705N/A
    Flagler County IntergroupPalm CoastAA(386) 445-4357N/A
    Flagstaff Intergroup Central OfficeFlagstaffAA(928) 779-3569N/A
    Flathead Valley IntergroupColumbia FallsAA(406) 257-7185N/A
    Flint Area NAFlint AreaNAN/A
    Flint Area Unity Council 24FlintAA(810) 234-0815N/A
    Foothill Area NAFoothill Area (Porterville)NA(559) 784-4420N/A
    Foothills Area NAFoothills Area (Blowing Rock, Boone, Jefferson, Lenoir, N Wilkesboro, Marion, Morganton)NA(888) 593-5356N/A
    Forest Area NAForest Area (Ocala, Marion County, Lake County, Sumter County)NA(352) 368-6061N/A
    Fort Wayne Area IntergroupFt. WayneAA(260) 471-6262N/A
    Fort Worth Area NAFort Worth AreaNA(888) 629-6757;(817) 624-9525N/A
    Four Corners Area NAFour Corners Area (Bloomfield, Farmington)NA(505) 324-1807N/A
    Fox Valley Central Office, Inc.AppletonAA(920) 997-0221N/A
    Free at last Area NAFree at last Area (Monroe, Ruston, Farmerville, Bastrop)NA(855) 325-2621N/A
    Free Spirit Area NAFree Spirit Area (Southern RI)NA(401) 461-1110N/A
    Free State Region NAFree State Region (Eastern Maryland & Delaware)NA(800) 317-3222N/A
    Freedom & Serenity Area NAFreedom & Serenity Area (Cedar Rapids)NA(319) 202-7727N/A
    Freedom Area NAFreedom Area (Westbank, Chalmette, New Orleans)NA(504) 883-8202N/A
    Fremont Area NAFremont AreaNA(402) 459-9511N/A
    Ft. Smith Area Intergroup/Central OfficeFt. SmithAA(479) 783-0123N/A
    GAP Area NAGAP Area (Anderson)NA(800) 992-5305N/A
    Gateway to Freedom Area NAGateway to Freedom Area (Keyser, Moorefield, Petersburg, Romney, Springfield)NA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Gateway to Freedom Area NAGateway to Freedom Area (Bedford, Everett)NA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Gateway to Freedom Area NAGateway to Freedom Area (Cumberland, Frostburg)NA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Genesee Wyoming IntergroupStaffordAA(888) 854-8322N/A
    Georgia Service AssemblyMaconAA(478) 745-2588N/A
    Gold Coast Area NAGold Coast Area (Ventura, Oxnard)NA(888) 817-7425N/A
    Gold Coast Area NAGold Coast Area (Ft Lauderdale)NA(888) 524-1777N/A
    Gold Country Area NAGold Country Area (Jackson, Ione, Sutter Creek and Pioneer)NA(209) 256-0645N/A
    Golden Heart Area NAGolden Heart Area (Fairbanks & North Pole)NA(866) 258-6329N/A
    Grand Forks A.A. Answering ServiceGrand ForksAA(701) 330-4339N/A
    Grand Rapids Area NAGrand Rapids AreaNA(800) 230-4085N/A
    Grand Strand IntergroupMyrtle BeachAA(843) 445-7119N/A
    Granite State Area NAGranite State Area (Statewide - NH)NA(888) 624-3578N/A
    Grant County Answering ServiceSilver CityAA(575) 388-1802N/A
    Grassroots Area NAGrassroots Area (Campton, Inez, Salyersville, etc.)NA(855) 319-8869N/A
    Grays Harbor Area NAGrays Harbor Area (Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Montesano)NA(360) 589-8620N/A
    Great Western Nevada Area NACapital Area of Narcotics Anonymous (Carson City)NA(888) 881-0655;(775) 883-5110N/A
    Greater Albuquerque Area NAGreater Albuquerque AreaNA(505) 260-9889;(800) 798-6649N/A
    Greater Baton Rouge AA Central OfficeBaton RougeAA(225) 930-0026;(225) 930-0027N/A
    Greater Birmingham Area NAGreater Birmingham AreaNA(205) 243-7854N/A
    Greater Cascade Loop Area NAGreater Cascade Loop Area (Okanogan County, Republic, Winthrop & Electric City)NA(509) 826-6371N/A
    Greater Charlotte Area NAGreater Charlotte AreaNA(980) 200-9349N/A
    Greater Cincinnati Area NAGreater Cincinnati AreaNA(513) 820-2947N/A
    Greater Columbia Area NAGreater Columbia Area (Bamberg, Columbia, Orangeburg)NA(803) 254-6262N/A
    Greater Columbia IntergroupColumbiaAA(803) 254-5301N/A
    Greater East Los Angeles Area NAGreater East Los Angeles AreaNA(323) 721-5504N/A
    Greater Illinois Region NAGreater Illinois RegionNA(800) 539-0475N/A
    Greater Los Angeles Area NAGreater Los Angeles AreaNA(323) 933-5395N/A
    Greater Louisville Intergroup IncLouisvilleAA(502) 582-1849N/A
    Greater Minneapolis IntergroupMinneapolisAA(952) 922-0880N/A
    Greater Mobile Area NAGreater Mobile AreaNA(251) 639-4156N/A
    Greater Mojave Area NAGreater Mojave Area (Victorville)NA(888) 322-6817N/A
    Greater Muskegon Area NAGreater Muskegon AreaNAN/A
    Greater Nashville Area NAGreater Nashville AreaNA(888) 476-2482N/A
    Greater New Orleans Area Central OfficeMetairieAA(504) 838-3399;(504) 836-0507N/A
    Greater New York Region NAGreater New York Region (Manhattan)NA(212) 929-6262N/A
    Greater Orlando Area NAGreater Orlando Area (Orange, Osceola & Seminole counties)NA(407) 425-5157N/A
    Greater Owens Valley Area NAGreater Owens Valley AreaNAN/AN/A
    Greater Pee Dee Area NAGreater Pee Dee Area (Darlington, Florence, Hartsville, Kingstree)NAN/AN/A
    Greater Pensacola Area NAGreater Pensacola Area (Pensacola, Ft Walton Beach)NA(850) 496-1673N/A
    Greater Philadelphia Region NAGreater Philadelphia RegionNA(215) 629-6757N/A
    Greater Providence Area NAGreater Providence AreaNA(401) 461-1110N/A
    Greater San Jose Area NAGreater San Jose AreaNA(408) 998-4200N/A
    Greater Sandhills Area NAGreater Sandhills Area (Fayetteville, Sanford)NA(866) 418-9500N/A
    Greater Scranton Steamtown Area NAGreater Scranton Steamtown AreaNA(800) 503-9456N/A
    Greater Seattle IntergroupSeattleAA(206) 587-2838N/A
    Greater than Ourselves Area NAGreater than Ourselves Area (Ceredo, Huntington)NA(800) 766-4442N/A
    Greater Tri-City Central OfficeKennewickAA(509) 735-4086N/A
    Greater Waterbury Area NAGreater Waterbury AreaNA(800) 627-3543N/A
    Greater Willamette Area NAGreater Willamette AreaNA(877) 551-4662N/A
    Green Bay Area Central Office, Inc.Green BayAA(920) 432-2600N/A
    Green Mountain Area NAGreen Mountain Area (White River Junction; Central & Southern VT)NA(802) 773-5575N/A
    Green Mountain Area NAGreen Mountain Area (Upper Valley in NH)NA(802) 773-5575N/A
    Green Mountain Area NAGreen Mountain AreaNA(802) 773-5575N/A
    Greene County Answering ServiceCatskillAA(518) 625-2002N/A
    Greensboro Area NAGreensboro Area (High Point, Thomasville, Burlington, Graham)NA(866) 375-1272N/A
    Greensboro IntergroupGreensboroAA(336) 274-1501;(336) 854-4278N/A
    Greenville IntergroupGreenvilleAA(864) 233-6454;(864) 233-6446N/A
    Gulf Coast Area NAGulf Coast AreaNA(844) 962-4673N/A
    Gulf Coast Area NAGulf Coast Area (Port Charlotte, Ft Myers, Cape Coral, Lww & Charlotte Counties)NA(866) 389-1344N/A
    Hagerstown Area IntergroupHagerstownAA(301) 733-1109N/A
    Hamilton & Middletown Area NAHamilton & Middletown Area (Fairfield)NA(513) 820-2725N/A
    Hanover IntergroupHanoverAA(717) 451-3991N/A
    Harbor Area Central OfficeLong BeachAA(562) 989-7697(310) 516-8626
    Harrisburg IntergroupHarrisburgAA(717) 234-5390N/A
    Hastings Nebraska IntergroupHastingsAA(402) 463-9024N/A
    Heart of IL Area NAHeart of IL Area (Peoria, Galesburg, Canton, Mapleton, Kewanee, Havana, Macomb)NA(800) 539-0475N/A
    Heart of NY Area NAHeart of NY Area (Syracuse)NA(315) 472-5555N/A
    Heart of Texas Area NAHeart of Texas Area (Killeen, Temple, Waco)NA(888) 629-6757N/A
    Heartland Area NAHeartland Area (Lakeland, Polk County)NA(863) 683-0630N/A
    Heartland Area NAHeartland Area (Ames, Marshalltown, Toledo)NA(641) 485-6272N/A
    Heartland Area NAHeartland Area (Johnson and Wyandotte Counties)NA(800) 561-2250N/A
    Heartland Intergroup A.A. IncLakelandAA(863) 688-0211;(863) 687-9275N/A
    Hernando County IntergroupSpring HillAA(352) 683-4597N/A
    High Desert Area NAHigh Desert Area (Ontario)NA(208) 740-1448N/A
    High Desert Area NAHigh Desert Area (SE Idaho/SE OR)NA(208) 442-2220N/A
    Hill Country Area NAHill Country Area (Lockhart, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Schertz, Seguin, Universal City)NA(855) 864-2262N/A
    Hill Country IntergroupAustinAA(512) 444-0071N/A
    Hollywood Area NAHollywood AreaNA(323) 850-1624N/A
    Houston Area NAHouston AreaNA(713) 661-4200N/A
    Hudson County Area NAHudson County AreaNA(800) 992-0401N/A
    Humboldt County IntergroupEurekaAA(844) 442-0711N/A
    Humboldt/Del Norte Area NAHumboldt/Del Norte Area (Crescent City)NA(866) 315-8645N/A
    Huntingdon Answering ServiceHuntingdonAA(814) 643-0623N/A
    Huntsville IntergroupHuntsvilleAA(256) 885-0323N/A
    Huron Valley Intergroup Inc.YpsilantiAA(734) 482-5700;(734) 482-0707N/A
    I-59 Area NAI-59 Area (Hattiesburg)NA(866) 420-5677N/A
    IIIowa IntergroupDavenportAA(563) 324-5655;(309) 764-1016N/A
    Illinois District 16 HotlineHarrisburgAA(800) 307-6600N/A
    Indian River Central OfficeVero BeachAA(772) 562-1114N/A
    Indianapolis Intergroup Inc.IndianapolisAA(317) 632-7864N/A
    Inland Empire 12th Step Service BoardClaremontAA(909) 628-4428N/A
    Inland Empire Central OfficeColtonAA(909) 825-4700N/A
    Inland Empire Foothills Area NAInland Empire Foothills Area (Redlands, Yucaipa)NA(909) 795-0464N/A
    Inland Empire West Area NAInland Empire West Area (Montclair, Ontario)NA(909) 622-4274N/A
    Inland Lakes Unity Area NAInland Lakes Unity Area (Appleton, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Wautoma, Waupaca, Wisconsin Rapids)NA(866) 635-2254N/A
    Inter-Group Association of A.A. of New York, Inc.New YorkAA(212) 647-1680N/A
    Intercounty Fellowship Of A.A.San FranciscoAA(415) 674-1821N/A
    Intergroup 17OwensboroAA(270) 683-0371N/A
    Intergroup 17OcalaAA(352) 867-0660N/A
    Intergroup 5 Inc.TallahasseeAA(850) 224-1818N/A
    Intergroup Answering ServiceSusanvilleAA(530) 257-2880N/A
    Intergroup Association Inc.HoustonAA(713) 686-6300N/A
    Intergroup Central OfficeEl PasoAA(915) 562-4081N/A
    Intergroup Comm Of District 14Ft. Walton BeachAA(850) 244-2421N/A
    Intergroup Council of West-CentralHot SpringsAA(501) 623-6328N/A
    Intergroup Of Martin CountyStuartAA(772) 283-9337N/A
    Intergroup Of Northern N.J.UnionAA(800) 245-1377;(908) 687-8566N/A
    Intergroup Service Comm Of The 5th Dist Inc.North PortAA(941) 426-7655;(941) 426-7723N/A
    Intergroup Service Office Inc.Oklahoma CityAA(405) 949-0910N/A
    Intergroupe Francais En Floride (French)HollywoodAAN/AN/A
    Intergrupal Hispana De PAPhiladelphiaAAN/A(215) 226-3049
    Intergrupal NoroesteElginAAN/A(847) 695-9123
    Intergrupos de Area NotreFt. PierceAAN/A(772) 446-5555;(561) 262-3176
    Interstate Crossroads Area NAInterstate Crossroads Area (Washington, Waynesburg, Canonsburg, McMurray)NA(888) 251-2426N/A
    Iowa Region NAIowa RegionNA(800) 897-6242N/A
    Iredell IntergroupStatesvilleAA(704) 878-6404N/A
    Ithaca IntergroupIthacaAA(607) 273-1541N/A
    Jackson / West Tennessee IntergroupJacksonAA(877) 426-8330N/A
    Jackson Area Answering ServiceJacksonAA(517) 789-8883N/A
    Jefferson County IntergroupWatertownAA(315) 788-2280N/A
    Jefferson District IntergroupCharlottesvilleAA(434) 293-6565N/A
    Johnstown Area Answering ServiceJohnstownAA(814) 533-5907N/A
    Juneau Answering ServiceJuneauAA(907) 586-1161N/A
    Just for Today Area NAJust for Today Area (Mid-East to SE Kansas)NA(855) 732-4673N/A
    Kalamazoo Area IntergroupPortageAA(269) 382-5244;(269) 349-4410N/A
    Kansas City Area Central OfficeNorth Kansas CityAA(816) 471-7229N/A
    Kauai Area NAKauai AreaNA(808) 212-0114N/A
    Kauai IntergroupLihueAA(808) 245-6677N/A
    Keep it Simple Area NAKeep it Simple Area (Chester, Clover, Fort Mill, Lancaster, Rock Hill, York)NA(866) 463-5771N/A
    Kelso-Long Beach 24 Hr Answering ServiceLong BeachAA(360) 642-2902N/A
    Kelso-Longview 24 Hr Answering ServiceLongviewAA(360) 423-2520N/A
    Kenai NAKenaiNA(907) 335-9456N/A
    Kenai Peninsula IntergroupSoldotnaAA(907) 283-5722N/A
    Kent County Central OfficeGrand RapidsAA(616) 913-9149N/A
    Kentucky Cumberland Area NAKentucky Cumberland AreaNA(859) 253-4673N/A
    Kentucky Ohio Recovery Area NAKentucky Ohio Recovery Area (Ashland, Greenup, Grayson, McDermott, New Boston, Portsmouth, Tollesboro, Vanceburg)NA(800) 587-4232N/A
    Kentucky Survivors Area NAKentucky Survivors Area (Lexington)NA(859) 253-4673N/A
    Kern County Area NAKern County Area (Bakersfield)NA(877) 629-6759N/A
    Ketchikan IntergroupKetchikanAA(907) 225-5154N/A
    Kettle Moraine Area NAKettle Moraine Area (Sheboygan, Manitowoc, West Bend, Jackson, Thiensville)NA(888) 611-1813N/A
    Key West IntergroupKey WestAA(305) 296-8654N/A
    Kingman IntergroupKingmanAA(800) 864-1606N/A
    Kings Bay Area NAKings Bay AreaNA(212) 929-6262N/A
    Kings Tulare Area NAKings Tulare Area (Hanford, Tulare, Visalia)NA(559) 734-0403N/A
    Kinzua Area NAKinzua Area (Warren, Youngsville)NA(888) 251-2426N/A
    Klamath Basin Area NAKlamath Basin AreaNA(888) 518-8166;(541) 883-4976N/A
    Klamath Lake IntergroupKlamath FallsAA(541) 883-4970N/A
    Knoxville Area NAKnoxville AreaNA(866) 617-1710N/A
    La Crosse Area IntergroupLa CrosseAA(608) 784-7560N/A
    Lafayette Area Districts 49 & 51West LafayetteAA(765) 742-1666N/A
    Lafayette Area NALafayette AreaNA(337) 406-1300N/A
    Lake Agassiz Area NALake Agassiz Area (Eastern North Dakota, Fargo)NA(701) 234-9330N/A
    Lake Agassiz Area NALake Agassiz Area (Western Minnesota, Moorhead)NA(701) 234-9330N/A
    Lake Area NALake Area (Lake Charles, Sulphur, Lake Arthur, Deridder)NA(888) 624-3575N/A
    Lake Area NALake Area (Lake Charles)NA(337) 439-5753N/A
    Lake Borderline Area NALake Borderline AreaNA(708) 848-4884N/A
    Lake County Area NALake County Area (Lakeport)NA(707) 262-0132N/A
    Lake County IntergroupLower LakeAA(707) 995-3316N/A
    Lake Havasu City IntergroupLake Havasu CityAA(877) 652-9005N/A
    Lake Norman Area NALake Norman AreaNA(877) 424-5397N/A
    Lake Sumter Central OfficeLeesburgAA(352) 360-0960N/A
    Lancaster A.A. Central Service Office, Inc.LancasterAA(717) 394-3238N/A
    Lancaster Area IntergroupLancasterAA(740) 653-4869N/A
    Lancaster Co-op Area NALancaster Co-op AreaNA(800) 587-4232N/A
    Lancaster County Area NALancaster County Area (South Central PA)NA(717) 393-4546N/A
    Lane County Area NALane County Area (Eugene)NA(541) 729-0080N/A
    Lansing Central OfficeLansingAA(517) 377-1444N/A
    Las Vegas IntergroupLas VegasAA(702) 598-1888N/A
    Laurel Highlands Answering ServiceJohnstownAA(814) 533-5907N/A
    Laurel IntergroupLaurelAA(601) 426-0108N/A
    Laurel Mountain Highlands Area NALaurel Mountain Highlands Area (Johnstown)NA(888) 251-2426N/A
    Lebanon Valley Area NALebanon Valley Area (Lebanon)NA(717) 277-7500N/A
    Lee County Area IntergroupFt. MyersAA(239) 275-5111N/A
    Lehighton Answering ServicesLehightonAA(800) 640-7545N/A
    Lewis County Area NALewis County Area (Centralia, Elma)NAN/AN/A
    Lewisburg Answering ServicesLewisburgAA(570) 286-7436N/A
    Lewistown Answering ServiceLewistownAA(717) 242-1517N/A
    Limestone Area NALimestone Area (Bloomington)NA(812) 331-9767N/A
    Lincoln Central OfficeLincolnAA(402) 438-5214N/A
    Lincoln County Area NALincoln County Area (Lincoln City, Newport, Siletz, Toledo, Waldport)NAN/AN/A
    Linn-Benton Area NALinn-Benton Area (Corvallis, Lebanon, Albany, Newport, Sweet Home, Lincoln City)NA(877) 233-4287N/A
    Little Apple Area NALittle Apple Area (Allentown)NA(610) 439-1998N/A
    Little Egypt Area NALittle Egypt Area (Carbondale, Centralia, Fairfield, Harrisburg, Mt Carmel, Mt Vernon, Salem,Sparta)NA(618) 322-3178N/A
    Living the Dream Area NALiving the Dream Area (Springfield, Jacksonville)NA(800) 539-0475N/A
    Livingston Area IntergroupGeneseoAA(585) 245-4440N/A
    Livingston County Area NALivingston County AreaNA(800) 230-4085N/A
    Lockhaven Area NALockhaven Area (Lock Haven, Mill Hall)NA(800) 479-1563N/A
    Lone Star Region - En Espanol NALone Star Region - En EspanolNAN/A(888) 600-6229
    Lone Star Region NALone Star RegionNA(888) 629-6757N/A
    Lorain Intergroup of A.A., Inc.LorainAA(440) 246-1800N/A
    Los Angeles Central OfficeLos AngelesAA(323) 963-4343;(800) 923-8722N/A
    Louisville Area NALouisville AreaNA(502) 499-4423N/A
    Lowcountry IntergroupBlufftonAA(888) 534-0192N/A
    Lowell Dist. 21 Answering ServiceLowellAA(978) 957-4690N/A
    Lower Columbia Area NALower Columbia Area (Longview, Kelso)NA(888) 605-1250;(360) 703-0120N/A
    Lower Columbia Area NALower Columbia Area (St Helens)NA(866) 435-7701N/A
    Lower Desert Area NALower Desert Area (Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Indio)NA(888) 777-5947N/A
    Lower Organ Mountain Area NALower Organ Mountain Area (Las Cruses)NA(575) 635-6193;(800) 569-3741N/A
    Lower Shore IntergroupSalisburyAA(410) 543-2266N/A
    Lubbock AA HotlineLubbockAA(806) 741-8780N/A
    Macomb Area NAMacomb Area (Warren, Roseville, Macomb, Sterling Hts)NA(248) 543-7200N/A
    Madison Area Intergroup Central OfficeMadisonAA(608) 222-8989N/A
    Madison County IntergroupAndersonAA(765) 644-3212N/A
    Magic Valley Area NAMagic Valley Area (Twin Falls)NA(866) 738-6224;(208) 736-2732N/A
    Maine Area NAMaine Area (Portland)NA(800) 974-0062N/A
    Mansfield Area IntergroupMansfieldAA(419) 522-4800N/A
    Marietta Area NAMarietta Area (Smyrna)NA(770) 421-8881N/A
    Marin County NAMarin County (San Rafael)NA(877) 612-7837N/A
    Marion Area Fellowship IntergroupMarionAA(740) 387-5546N/A
    Mariposa A.A. Answering ServiceMariposaAA(209) 966-3110N/A
    Martha's Vineyard Answering ServiceOaks BluffAA(508) 627-7084N/A
    Mason Dixon Area NAMason Dixon Area (Gettysburg)NA(800) 445-3889;(717) 642-3733N/A
    Mat-Su Intergroup OfficeWasillaAA(907) 376-4777N/A
    Maui Area NAMaui AreaNA(808) 214-1239N/A
    Maui Central OfficeWailukuAA(808) 244-9673N/A
    Meadville Area Answering ServiceMeadvilleAA(814) 337-4019N/A
    Memphis Area IntergroupMemphisAA(901) 454-1414N/A
    Mendocino Coast IntergroupFt. BraggAA(877) 546-9286N/A
    Mendocino Country Area NAMendocino Country Area (Ukiah, Willits)NA(707) 485-9110N/A
    Mendocino Inland IntergroupUkiahAA(707) 462-7123N/A
    Metro East Area NAMetro East Area (Edwardsville)NA(618) 398-9409N/A
    Metro Kansas City NAMetro Kansas CityNA(800) 561-2250N/A
    Metro Kansas City NAMetro Kansas CityNA(800) 561-2250N/A
    Metro Valley Area NAMetro Valley Area (Charleston, Dunbar, Kanawha City,No Charleston, Montgomery,Smithers)NA(888) 981-5444N/A
    Metro-Detroit Region NAMetro-Detroit RegionNA(877) 338-1188N/A
    Metrolina IntergroupCharlotteAA(877) 233-6853;(704) 377-0244;(704) 332-4387N/A
    Miami-Dade IntergroupMiamiAA(305) 461-2425N/A
    Michiana Central Service OfficeSouth BendAA(574) 234-7007N/A
    Michigan Region NAMichigan RegionNA(800) 230-4085N/A
    Mid Eastern Missouri Area NAMid Eastern Missouri AreaNA(618) 398-9409N/A
    Mid Hudson Area NAMid Hudson Area (Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess and Green Counties)NA(845) 431-9011N/A
    Mid Mississippi Intergroup Central OfficeJacksonAA(601) 982-0081;(888) 771-1633N/A
    Mid-America Region NAMid-America Region (statewide toll free number)NA(855) 732-4673N/A
    Mid-Mississippi Area NAMid-Mississippi Area (Jackson)NA(866) 643-6762N/A
    Mid-Missouri Area NAMid-Missouri Area (Jefferson City, Columbia )NA(800) 945-4673N/A
    Mid-Mon ValleyMonessenAA(724) 489-0740N/A
    Mid-Ohio Area NAMid-Ohio Area (Ashley, Marion, Upper Sandusky, Tiffin)NA(800) 587-4232N/A
    Mid-State Area NAMid-State Area (Anderson/Muncie)NA(866) 683-2022N/A
    Mid-Williamette Valley Area NAMid-Williamette Valley Area (Keizer, Salem)NA(503) 990-0861N/A
    Midcoast Area NAMidcoast Area (Delray Bch, Boca Raton, Boynton Bch, Deerfield Bch)NA(561) 393-0303N/A
    Middle Mountain Area NAMiddle Mountain Area (Yuba City, Marysville, Olivehurst)NA(877) 669-1669N/A
    Middle Tennesse Area NAMiddle Tennesse Area (Nashville)NA(888) 476-2482N/A
    Middle Tennessee Central OfficeNashvilleAA(615) 831-1050;(615) 832-1136;(800) 559-2252N/A
    Middlesex County Area NAMiddlesex County AreaNA(732) 933-0462N/A
    Midshore IntergroupEastonAA(410) 822-4226N/A
    Midtown Atlanta Area NAMidtown Atlanta AreaNA(404) 795-0355N/A
    Midwest Tennessee Area NAMidwest Tennessee Area (Jackson, Union City)NA(866) 790-9010N/A
    Mile High Area NAMile High Area (Denver Metro)NA(303) 832-3784N/A
    Milford Answering ServiceMilfordAA(570) 296-5344N/A
    Milwaukee Area NAMilwaukee Area (Milwaukee, Cudahy, Hales Corners, Menomonee Falls, New Berlin, Oak Creek, Waukesha)NA(866) 913-3837N/A
    Milwaukee Central OfficeWest AllisAA(414) 771-9119N/A
    Mini-Cassia Area NAMini-Cassia Area (Paul, Heyburn, Burley)NA(208) 438-4935N/A
    Miracle Area NAMiracle Area (Lawrence)NA(785) 749-6631N/A
    Miracle Area NAMiracle Area (Leavenworth)NA(913) 680-1016N/A
    Mission Peak Area NAMission Peak AreaNA(510) 444-4673N/A
    Mission Valley IntergroupPolsonAA(406) 883-6664;(406) 890-4254N/A
    Mohawk River Area NAMohawk River AreaNA(888) 399-5519N/A
    Mokan Area NAMokan Area (Maryville, Savannah, St Joesph, Tarkio)NA(816) 233-3095N/A
    Mokan Area NAMokan Area (Atchison, Hiawatha)NA(816) 233-3095N/A
    Mongomery Area NAMongomery Area (Bethesda, Silver Springs)NA(202) 399-5316N/A
    Monroe IntergroupMonroeAA(734) 240-4844N/A
    Monterey Bay Area IntergroupMontereyAA(831) 373-3713N/A
    Monterey County Area NAMonterey County Area (Monterey)NA(831) 624-2055N/A
    Monterey County Area NAMonterey County Area (Salinas)NA(831) 758-1630N/A
    Montgomery Area IntergroupMontgomeryAA(334) 264-4122N/A
    Montgomery County Area NAMontgomery County AreaNA(844) 624-3575N/A
    Morgantown Telephone Answering ServiceMorgantownAA(304) 291-7918N/A
    Morongo Basin Area NAMorongo Basin Area (Joshua Tree, Morongo Valley)NA(800) 833-2830N/A
    Most of Alabama, Greater Birmingham, Mobile & Pensecola, South Jefferson Shelby, Emerald Coast NAMost of Alabama, Greater Birmingham, Mobile & Pensecola, South Jefferson Shelby, Emerald CoastNA(866) 985-0008N/A
    Mountain Area NAMountain Area (Running Springs, Big Bear, Yucca Valley, Lake Arrowhead)NA(909) 584-7115N/A
    Mountain Area NAMountain Area (Johnson City)NA(866) 360-4929N/A
    Mountaineer Region NAMountaineer RegionNA(800) 766-4442N/A
    Mountains West Area NAMountains West Area (Aspen, Breckenridge, Carbondale, Eagle, Eagle-Vail, Glenwood Springs, Granby, Leadville, Rifle)NA(970) 306-6535N/A
    Mt. Vernon HelplineMt. VernonAA(800) 307-6600N/A
    Muncie Tri-District 85,87,89, IntergroupMuncieAA(765) 284-2515N/A
    NA of Southern Utah Area NANA of Southern Utah Area (St George, Hurricane, Cedar City, Richfield, Mesquite NV)NA(435) 467-4403N/A
    Nantucket IntergroupNantucketAA(508) 228-2334N/A
    Napa County IntergroupNapaAA(707) 500-7001N/A
    Napa/Solano Area NANapa/Solano AreaNA(866) 642-3848N/A
    Naples Area IntergroupNaplesAA(239) 262-6535N/A
    Nassau Area NANassau AreaNA(516) 827-9500N/A
    Nassau IntergroupWest HempsteadAA(516) 292-3040;(516) 292-3045N/A
    Nature Coast Area NANature Coast Area (Inverness, Dunnellon, Crystal River, Lecanto)NA(352) 393-0303N/A
    Nature Coast IntergroupCrystal RiverAA(352) 621-0599N/A
    Navapache Area NANavapache Area (Show Low, Holbrook, Snowflake, St John's, Springerville)NA(928) 368-7286N/A
    NC Mountain Central OfficeAshevilleAA(828) 254-8539N/A
    NE Washington Area NANE Washington Area (Pullman)NA(208) 883-5006N/A
    NE Washington Area NANE Washington Area (Spokane)NA(509) 325-5045N/A
    NE Washington Area NANE Washington Area (Lewiston)NA(208) 746-7632N/A
    NE Wisconsin Area NANE Wisconsin Area (Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Marinette)NA(866) 285-7830N/A
    Never Alone, Never Again Area NANever Alone, Never Again Area (Topeka, Junction City)NA(785) 200-3446N/A
    New Dominion Area NANew Dominion Area (Greater Richmond)NA(804) 965-1871N/A
    New England Region NANew England Region (RI Statewide)NA(866) 624-3578N/A
    New Hampshire Area Service OfficeHooksettAA(800) 593-3330;(603) 622-6967N/A
    New Hope Area NANew Hope Area (Chapel Hill, Durham)NA(919) 831-5321N/A
    New Orleans Area NANew Orleans AreaNA(504) 899-6262N/A
    New River District 13 24-Hr. Phone LineRadfordAA(877) 678-2282N/A
    New River Valley Area NANew River Valley AreaNA(800) 777-1515;(540) 307-0595N/A
    New York City Area NANew York City AreaNA(212) 929-6262N/A
    Newport News Answering ServiceNewport NewsAA(757) 595-1212N/A
    Niagara Falls Area NANiagara Falls AreaNA(716) 304-6880N/A
    Niagara IntergroupNiagara FallsAA(877) 270-5303N/A
    Niagara-Orleans Area NANiagara-Orleans Area (Lockport)NA(716) 478-6992N/A
    Ninth District IntergroupBeaumontAA(409) 832-1107N/A
    No. California IntergroupReddingAA(530) 225-8955N/A
    No. Kentucky Central OfficeCovingtonAA(859) 491-7181N/A
    No. San Diego Co. Central OfficeVistaAA(760) 758-2514N/A
    Norfolk Area IntergroupNorfolkAA(402) 371-9859N/A
    North Alabama Area NANorth Alabama Area (Decatur AL, Pulaski TN)NA(800) 239-5509N/A
    North Atlanta Area NANorth Atlanta AreaNA(678) 405-0825N/A
    North By Northwest Area NANorth By Northwest Area (Las Vegas)NA(888) 495-3222N/A
    North Carolina Mountain Area NANorth Carolina Mountain Area (Swain, Buncombe, Haywood Counties)NA(888) 764-0365N/A
    North Carolina Mountain Area NANorth Carolina Mountain Area (Clayton)NA(888) 764-0365N/A
    North Central Carolina Area NANorth Central Carolina Area (Boiling Springs, Duncan, Gaffney, Greer, Inman, Spartanburg)NA(800) 465-4954N/A
    North Central Dist 2 IntergroupHartselleAA(800) 658-7576N/A
    North Central Florida IntergroupGainesvilleAA(352) 372-8091N/A
    North Central Indiana Area NANorth Central Indiana AreaNAN/AN/A
    North Central Iowa Area NANorth Central Iowa Area (Mason City)NA(641) 512-5007N/A
    North Central Mississippi 24-Hr HotlineOxfordAA(662) 533-9102N/A
    North Central Ohio Alcoholics Anonymous IntergroupSanduskyAA(419) 625-5995N/A
    North Central West Virginia Area NANorth Central West Virginia AreaNA(800) 766-4442N/A
    North Central Wisconsin Area NANorth Central Wisconsin Area (Stevens Point, Mosinee, Wausau, Antigo, Wisconsin Rapids)NA(866) 590-2651N/A
    North Central WV Area NANorth Central WV Area (Charleston, Morgantown)NA(304) 344-4442N/A
    North Coast Area NANorth Coast Area (Tillamook Counties)NA(503) 717-3702N/A
    North Coastal Area NANorth Coastal Area (Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas)NA(866) 331-1958N/A
    North County Intergroup Office (NCO)HazelwoodAA(314) 731-4854N/A
    North Dade Area NANorth Dade Area (North Miami Beach & surrounding)NA(866) 935-8811N/A
    North East Alabama Area NANorth East Alabama Area (Marshall, Dekalb, Calhoun, Tall Counties)NA(800) 230 -5109N/A
    North East Wisconsin Area NANorth East Wisconsin Area (Escanaba)NA(866) 285-7830N/A
    North Eastern Area NANorth Eastern Area (Fort Wayne)NA(260) 427-9113N/A
    North Idaho Area NANorth Idaho Area (Hayden Lake)NA(888) 624-3577N/A
    North Louisiana Area NANorth Louisiana Area (Shreveport, Nachitoches)NA(318) 677-4344N/A
    North Olympic Peninsula Area NANorth Olympic Peninsula Area (Port Angeles, Sequim)NA(360) 477-9367N/A
    North Orange County Central OfficeFullertonAA(714) 773-4357N/A
    North Piedmont Central OfficeLynchburgAA(434) 847-4733N/A
    North Pittsburgh Area NANorth Pittsburgh AreaNA(412) 391-5247N/A
    North Solano IntergroupVacavilleAA(707) 446-2244N/A
    North Valley Central OfficeChicoAA(530) 342-5756N/A
    North West Area NANorth West Area (Gary)NA(219) 765-5327N/A
    Northeast Area NANortheast Area (Athens, Gainesville)NA(800) 837-4239N/A
    Northeast Central Service OfficeTulsaAA(918) 627-2224N/A
    Northeast Florida IntergroupJacksonvilleAA(904) 399-8535N/A
    Northeast Freedom Area NANortheast Freedom AreaNA(800) 317-3222N/A
    Northeast Louisiana District 4MonroeAA(318) 582-0234N/A
    Northeast Mississippi Area NANortheast Mississippi Area (Corinth, Tupelo)NA(866) 841-9998N/A
    Northeast Nebraska Answering ServicePlainviewAA(402) 582-3944N/A
    Northeastern Maryland IntergroupAberdeenAA(410) 272-4150N/A
    Northeastern Pennsylvania IntergroupPittstonAA(800) 640-7545;(570) 654-0488N/A
    Northern Colorado Intergroup Inc.Ft. CollinsAA(970) 224-3552N/A
    Northern Delaware IntergroupWilmingtonAA(302) 655-5113;(302) 655-5999N/A
    Northern Lights Area NANorthern Lights Area (Duluth, Superior, Two Harbors, Cloquet)NA(877) 767-7676N/A
    Northern Nevada IntergroupSparksAA(775) 355-1151N/A
    Northern New Jersey Region NANorthern New Jersey Region (Statewide Helpline)NA(732) 933-0462N/A
    Northern New Mexico Area NANorthern New Mexico Area (Santa Fe)NA(800) 258-2971;(505) 984-2098;(800) 804-4706N/A
    Northern Panhandle Area NANorthern Panhandle Area (Sandpoint)NA(888) 624-3577N/A
    Northern Utah Area NANorthern Utah Area (Weber, Box Elder, Cache Counties)NA(877) 479-6262N/A
    Northern Utah Area NANorthern Utah Area (Preston - pager)NA(877) 479-6269N/A
    Northern Virginia IntergroupFairfaxAA(703) 293-9753;(800) 208-8649N/A
    Northland Area NANorthland Area (North Kansas City and surrounding)NA(800) 561-2250N/A
    Northshore Area NANorthshore Area (Covington, Hammond, Franklinton, Ponchatoula, Slidel)NA(985) 867-1587N/A
    Northside Area NANorthside Area (Galveston, Santa Fe)NA(713) 661-4200N/A
    Northwest Ohio Area NANorthwest Ohio Area (Kenton, Lima, Findlay)NA(800) 587-4232N/A
    Northwest Oregon Area NANorthwest Oregon Area (Clatsop County-Astoria, Warrenton, Seaside)NA(503) 717-3702N/A
    Northwestern Michigan Area NANorthwestern Michigan Area (Kalkaska, Grand Traverse, Leelanau, Benzie, Wexfor)NA(800) 230-4085N/A
    Northwoods Area NANorthwoods Area (Sault St Marie, Gaylord, Alpena, Petoskey)NA(800) 230-4085N/A
    Not High Plains Area NANot High Plains Area (Amarillo, Spearman, Dalhart)NA(806) 429-2171N/A
    NW Arkansas Area NANW Arkansas Area (Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville)NA(800) 338-8750N/A
    NW Ohio & SE Michigan Central OfficeToledoAA(419) 380-9862N/A
    NW Wa-Whatcom County Dist. 11 Answering ServiceBellinghamAA(360) 734-1688N/A
    NW Washington Area NANW Washington Area (Whatcom County)NA(360) 647-3234N/A
    NY-Penn IntergroupOleanAA(716) 372-4800N/A
    Oahu A.A. Intergroup Of HawaiiHonoluluAA(808) 946-1438N/A
    Oahu Area NAOahu AreaNA(808) 734-4357N/A
    Oakhurst Fellowship Answering ServiceOakhurstAA(559) 683-1662N/A
    Oakland County Area NAOakland County AreaNA(248) 543-7200N/A
    Ocean Area NAOcean AreaNA(732) 933-0462N/A
    Ocean City Fellowship IntergroupOcean CityAA(410) 600-5219N/A
    Ocean Gateway Area NAOcean Gateway AreaNAN/AN/A
    Off the Wall Area NAOff the Wall Area (Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Berthoud, Estes Park)NA(970) 282-8079N/A
    Oficina Central de RiversideRiversideAAN/A(951) 687-7090
    Oficina Central HispanaEl MonteAAN/A(626) 453-0226
    Oficina Central HispanaLos AngelesAAN/A(323) 750-2039
    Oficina Central HispanaSan DiegoAAN/A(619) 280-7224
    Oficina Central HispanaSan FranciscoAAN/A(415) 824-1834
    Oficina Central HispanaLas VegasAAN/A(702) 387-8744
    Oficina Central Hispana Costa NorteSan JoseAAN/A(408) 287-7205
    Oficina Central Hispana De A.ANew YorkAAN/A(212) 348-2644
    Oficina Central Hispana de BrooklynBrooklynAAN/A(347) 932-5485
    Oficina Central Hispana IntergrupalSalinasAAN/A(831) 757-8518
    Oficina Central NorteSanta RosaAAN/A(707) 623-6702
    Oficina De Intergrupo De SuffolkBrentwoodAAN/A(631) 639-4181
    Oficina Hispana Del Este De LaLos AngelesAAN/A(323) 722-4175
    Oficina Interg Hisp De HoustonHoustonAAN/A(832) 620-8280
    Oficina Intergroupal HispanaProvidenceAAN/A(401) 621-9698
    Oficina IntergrupalTucsonAAN/A(520) 622-5112
    Oficina IntergrupalChula VistaAAN/A(619) 476-0288
    Oficina IntergrupalWatsonvilleAAN/A(831) 768-9597
    Oficina Intergrupal Condado VeOxnardAAN/A(805) 988-0329
    Oficina Intergrupal De OrangeSanta AnaAAN/A(714) 541-7225
    Oficina Intergrupal de OrlandoOrlandoAAN/A(407) 240-1181
    Oficina Intergrupal De Tampa-BayTampaAAN/A(813) 842-8444
    Oficina Intergrupal Del Este De La BahiaRichmondAAN/A(510) 328-8930
    Oficina Intergrupal Del Sur De ChicagoChicagoAAN/A(708) 897-1961
    Oficina Intergrupal Del ValleMcAllenAAN/A(956) 638-6346
    Oficina Intergrupal HispanaDoravilleAAN/A(678) 356-7685
    Oficina Intergrupal HispanaSiler CityAAN/A(919) 633-1777
    Oficina Intergrupal HispanaBeavertonAAN/A(971) 327-5523
    Oficina Intergrupal HispanaIndianapolisAAN/A(317) 631-5099
    Oficina Intergrupal HispanaSilver SpringAAN/A(301) 587-6191
    Oficina Intergrupal HispanaFresnoAAN/A(559) 266-6752
    Oficina Intergrupal HispanaSan AntonioAAN/A(210) 533-9770;(210) 409-8524
    Oficina Intergrupal HispanaAlbuquerqueAAN/A(505) 266-3688
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana A.A.AustinAAN/A(512) 619-2458;(512) 832-6767
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana AAEl PasoAAN/A(915) 838-6264
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana DeBurienAAN/A(206) 433-3435;(206) 650-9314
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana de A.A. BrowardSunriseAAN/A(954) 832-6780
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana de A.A. del Medio EsteGrandviewAAN/A(509) 830-6723
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana De Alcoholicos Anonimos Del Area de Santa ClaraSan JoseAAN/A(408) 931-2002
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana de CharlotteCharlotteAAN/A(704) 302-2707
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana De Fort WorthFort WorthAAN/A(817) 921-6882
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana De SalemSalemAAN/A(503) 899-2652
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana De Washington D.C.WashingtonAAN/A(202) 545-1050
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana del Area de San MateoMountainviewAAN/A(650) 679-2374
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana Del Conadado Notre de San DiegoVistaAAN/A(760) 758-6905
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana Del Condado De KernBakersfieldAAN/A(661) 205-0296
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana Del SurMiamiAAN/A(305) 642-2805
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana Del Sureste De TexasBeaumontAAN/A(409) 926-6537
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana Del Valle De CoachellaIndioAAN/A(760) 625-9018
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana New JerseyNewarkAAN/A(973) 824-0555
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana Of A.ADallasAAN/A(214) 905-0770
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana SuLong BeachAAN/A(310) 516-8626
    Oficina Intergrupal Hispana Witchita KansasWitchitaAAN/A(316) 871-1599
    Oficina Intergrupal HispanoShawneeAAN/A(913) 371-3376
    Oficina Intergrupal Noroeste de TexasMonahanAAN/A(432) 208-8335
    Oficina Intergrupal Sur De Florida AAWest Palm BeachAAN/A(561) 929-1759
    Oficina Intergrupal SuresteBlue IslandAAN/A(708) 239-5640
    Oficina Intergrupal Sureste De VenturaSanta PaulaAAN/A(805) 525-6140
    Oficina Intergrupal Valle Del AntelopeLittlerockAAN/A(661) 944-5147
    Oficina Intergrupo De ChinoPomonaAAN/A(909) 629-0493
    Oficina Intergrupo De New OrleansKennerAAN/A(504) 444-2677
    Oil City Answering ServiceOil CityAA(800) 227-2421N/A
    Oklahoma State A.A. Office Area 57Oklahoma CityAA(405) 842-1200N/A
    Old Forge 24 Hour Answering ServiceOld ForgeAA(800) 765-8338;(315) 369-2281N/A
    Omaha Central OfficeOmahaAA(402) 556-1880N/A
    Only One Promise Area NAOnly One Promise Area (Decatur)NA(800) 539-0475N/A
    Open Arms Area NAOpen Arms Area (Orange, Sullivan, Ulster and Dutchess Counties)NA(800) 498-5224N/A
    Open Door Area NAOpen Door Area (Rochester)NA(877) 767-7676N/A
    Orange County Area NAOrange County Area (Anaheim)NA(714) 590-2388N/A
    Orange County Central OfficeSanta AnaAA(714) 556-4555N/A
    Osceola County IntergroupKissimmeeAA(407) 870-8282(407) 240-1181
    Oshkosh Help-LineOshkoshAA(920) 410-4620N/A
    Our Primary Purpose Area NAOur Primary Purpose Area (Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Pittsboro)NA(919) 831-5587N/A
    Outer Limits Area NAOuter Limits AreaNAN/AN/A
    Ozark Area NAOzark Area (SW Missouri including Joplin and Carthage)NA(888) 359-3339N/A
    Palm Beach County Intergroup AssociationWest Palm BeachAA(561) 655-5700N/A
    Palm Coast Area NAPalm Coast Area (West Palm Beach)NA(561) 848-6262N/A
    Panhandle Area NAPanhandle Area (Fritch)NA(806) 331-6262N/A
    Paradise IntergroupParadiseAA(530) 342-5756N/A
    Passaic Area NAPassaic AreaNA(800) 992-0401N/A
    Payson Area NAPayson AreaNAN/AN/A
    Peace River Area NAPeace River Area (Port Charlotte)NA(800) 381-7371N/A
    Pecos Valley Area NAPecos Valley AreaNA(800) 370-4927N/A
    Peninsula Area NAPeninsula Area (San Mateo)NA(650) 802-5950N/A
    Peninsula Area NAPeninsula Area (Carrollton, Gloucester, Grafton, Hampton,Kilmarnock,N ewport News, Williamsburg)NA(866) 972-5055N/A
    Pennyrile Area NAPennyrile Area (Paducah & Hopkinsville)NA(877) 708-6614N/A
    Peoria Area Intergroup AssociationPeoriaAA(309) 687-1329N/A
    Philadelphia Area NAPhiladelphia AreaNA(215) 629-6757N/A
    Phoenix, West & East Valley Tri-Area NAPhoenix, West & East Valley Tri-AreaNA(480) 897-4636N/A
    Piedmont Area NAPiedmont AreaNA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Piedmont Area NAPiedmont Area (Greater Greensboro, High Point, Jacksonville)NA(800) 721-8225N/A
    Piedmont Area NAPiedmont Area (Macon, Warner Robins)NA(888) 677-8810N/A
    Pierce County Area NAPierce County Area (Tacoma)NA(253) 531-8792N/A
    Pikes Peak Area NAPikes Peak Area (Colorado Springs, Salida, Securtiy, Cascade)NA(719) 637-1580N/A
    Pinellas Co. Intergroup Inc.St. PetersburgAA(727) 530-0415N/A
    Piney Woods Area NAPiney Woods Area (Longview)NA(903) 234-5449N/A
    Pioneer Valley Area NAPioneer Valley AreaNA(866) 624-3578N/A
    Pittsburg Area NAPittsburg Area (PASCNA)NA(412) 391-5247N/A
    Pittsburgh Area Central OfficePittsburghAA(412) 471-7472N/A
    Pittsburgh Inner City Area NAPittsburgh Inner City Area (PICANA)NA(412) 391-5247N/A
    Plains Area NAPlains Area (Enid, Blackwell, Guthrie, Cushing, Stillwater)NA(800) 982-0242N/A
    Platte Valley Area NAPlatte Valley Area (McCook, North Platte)NAN/AN/A
    Pocono Intergroup (Answering Service)StroudsburgAA(570) 424-8532N/A
    Pocono Mountains Area NAPocono Mountains Area (Stroudsburg)NA(570) 421-6618N/A
    Port City Area NAPort City Area (Greater Metro Charleston)NA(843) 852-3001N/A
    Portland Area IntergroupPortlandAA(503) 223-8569N/A
    Portland Area NAPortland AreaNA(503) 345-9839N/A
    Prescott Area Intergroup AssociationPrescottAA(928) 445-8691N/A
    Primary Purpose Area NAPrimary Purpose Area (Kirksville, Macon, Moberly & surrounding)NA(800) 945-4673N/A
    Primary Purpose Area NAPrimary Purpose Area (Champaign, Urbana, Danville, Tilton)NA(800) 539-0475N/A
    Progress in Recovery Area NAProgress in Recovery AreaNA(859) 253-4673N/A
    Pure & Simple Area NAPure & Simple Area (Sellersville, Pennsburg, Doylestown, Quakertown)NA(844) 624-3575N/A
    Quad Cities Area NAQuad Cities Area (Rock Island)NA(800) 897-6242N/A
    Quad Cities Area NAQuad Cities Area (Davenport, Clinton)NA(563) 328-5228N/A
    Queens Area NAQueens AreaNAN/AN/A
    Queens Intergroup Of A.A.Forest HillsAA(718) 520-5021N/A
    Quincy Area NAQuincy AreaNAN/AN/A
    Quincy Area NAQuincy AreaNAN/AN/A
    R.I. Central Service OfficeEast ProvidenceAA(401) 438-8860N/A
    Racine Area Central OfficeRacineAA(262) 554-6611;(262) 554-7788N/A
    Rappahannock Area NARappahannock AreaNA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Reading Area NAReading AreaNA(610) 374-5944N/A
    Reading-Berks IntergroupReadingAA(610) 373-6500N/A
    Recovery Coast Area NARecovery Coast Area (New Port Richey)NA(727) 842-2433N/A
    Recovery In The Heartland Area NARecovery In The Heartland AreaNA(877) 767-7676N/A
    Red River Region NARed River Region (Southern Oklahoma)NA(888) 851-1246N/A
    Red River Region NARed River Region (NE Texas)NA(888) 851-1246N/A
    Richmond Area NARichmond AreaNA(804) 965-1871N/A
    Richmond Intergroup Inc.RichmondAA(804) 355-1212N/A
    Rim Country IntergroupPaysonAA(928) 474-3620N/A
    Rio Grande Valley Area NARio Grande Valley Area (McAllen, Brownsville)NA(956) 949-1900N/A
    River Cities Area NARiver Cities Area (Anderson, Red Bluff)NA(877) 669-1669N/A
    River Cities Central OfficeBullhead CityAA(928) 763-4499;(800) 864-1606N/A
    River Coast Area NARiver Coast Area (Hernando County)NA(352) 754-7200N/A
    Roanoke IntergroupRoanokeAA(540) 343-6857N/A
    Roanoke Valley Area NARoanoke Valley AreaNA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Rochester Area Intergroup Inc.RochesterAA(585) 232-6720N/A
    Rochester Area NARochester AreaNA(585) 235-7889N/A
    Rock Creek Area NARock Creek Area (Northwest DC)NA(202) 399-5316N/A
    Rock River Area NARock River Area (Rockford)NA(888) 656-7329N/A
    Rockford Area IntergroupRockfordAA(815) 968-0333N/A
    Rockland Area NARockland AreaNAN/AN/A
    Rockland County IntergroupWest NyackAA(845) 352-1112N/A
    Rogue Redwood Area NARogue Redwood Area (Brookings, Grants Pass)NA(541) 955-3823N/A
    Rome 24 Hour Answering Service District 12RomeAA(315) 210-6644N/A
    Rural Nevada Area NARural Nevada AreaNA(866) 760-2380N/A
    Sacramento Fellowship Area NASacramento Fellowship Area (Sacramento, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Woodland)NA(877) 623-6363N/A
    Saginaw Bay Area NASaginaw Bay AreaNA(989) 698-2977N/A
    Saginaw Valley Answering ServiceSaginawAA(989) 776-1241N/A
    Saint Charles Area NASaint Charles AreaNA(636) 697-8406N/A
    Saint Louis Area NASaint Louis AreaNA(314) 830-3232N/A
    Saint Louis Area NASaint Louis Area (East Saint Louis)NA(314) 830-3232N/A
    Salinas Valley Area IntergroupSalinasAA(831) 424-9874N/A
    Salt River Intergroup,Inc.PhoenixAA(602) 264-1341;(602) 264-1374N/A
    San Diego Central OfficeSan DiegoAA(619) 265-8762N/A
    San Diego Imperial Counties - Spanish NASan Diego Imperial Counties - SpanishNAN/A(619) 546-0774
    San Diego Imperial Counties Region NASan Diego Imperial Counties RegionNA(800) 479-0062;(619) 584-1007N/A
    San Fernando Valley Area NASan Fernando Valley Area (East San Fernando Valley)NA(818) 997-3822N/A
    San Francisco Area NASan Francisco AreaNA(415) 621-8600N/A
    San Gabriel Valley Area NASan Gabriel Valley Area (Pasadena)NA(626) 584-6910N/A
    San Gabriel/Pomona Valley Central OfficeGlendoraAA(626) 914-1861N/A
    San Mateo CO Fellowship Of A.A.San MateoAA(650) 577-1310N/A
    Sandhills IntergroupAberdeenAA(800) 496-1742N/A
    Sanilac County HotlineSanduskyAA(810) 366-0324;(810) 366-0048N/A
    Santa Barbara Area NASanta Barbara AreaNA(805) 569-1288N/A
    Santa Barbara Central OfficeSanta BarbaraAA(805) 962-3332N/A
    Santa Clara County Intergroup C.O.San JoseAA(408) 374-8511N/A
    Santa Clarita Area NASanta Clarita Area (Newhall, Saugus)NA(800) 338-2155N/A
    Santa Cruz Area NASanta Cruz AreaNA(831) 429-7436N/A
    Santa Cruz County Intergroup Inc.SoquelAA(831) 475-5782N/A
    Saratoga 24 Hour Answering ServiceSaratoga SpringsAA(518) 587-0407N/A
    Sasquatch Area NASasquatch Area (Wasatch & Summit Counties)NA(435) 200-4814N/A
    Savannah Intergroup Association Inc.SavannahAA(912) 356-3688N/A
    Savannah Low Country Area NASavannah Low Country AreaNA(478) 892-0085N/A
    Sayre-Waverly Valley IntergroupWaverlyAA(800) 233-3840N/A
    Scenic Bluffs Area NAScenic Bluffs Area (Baraboo, Beaver Dam, Portage, Reedsburg, Wisconsin Dells)NA(866) 590-2648N/A
    Schuylkil Valley Answering ServicePottstownAA(610) 323-3450N/A
    SCV Central Office Of A.A.Santa ClaritaAA(661) 250-9922N/A
    SD Statewide NASD Statewide (local)NA(888) 334-7597N/A
    SE Nebraska Area NASE Nebraska Area (Lincoln - local from NE or IA)NA(888) 347-4446N/A
    SE Nebraska Area NASE Nebraska Area (Lincoln)NA(402) 474-0405N/A
    SE Washington 24 Hr Answering ServiceClarkstonAA(509) 758-2821N/A
    Seacoast Area NASeacoast AreaNA(888) 624-3578N/A
    Seattle Area NASeattle AreaNA(206) 790-8888N/A
    Seaway Trail Area NASeaway Trail AreaNAN/AN/A
    Serenity Coast Area NASerenity Coast Area (Jacksonville, St Augustine, Orange Park, Neptune)NA(904) 358-6262N/A
    Serenity in the Mountains Area NASerenity in the Mountains Area (Hazleton)NA(866) 253-4988N/A
    Serenity Unlimited Area NASerenity Unlimited Area (Grand Junction, Delta, Telluride, Hotchkiss, Montrose)NA(970) 201-1133N/A
    Shark Coast Area NAShark Coast Area (Venice, Nokomis, North Port, Englewood)NA(941) 493-5747N/A
    Shasta/Trinity Area NAShasta/Trinity Area (Redding)NA(877) 669-1669N/A
    Shenandoah Valley Area NAShenandoah Valley AreaNA(800) 777-1515N/A
    Sierra Foothills Area NASierra Foothills Area (Auburn, Placerville)NA(888) 423-3428;(530) 645-1635N/A
    Sierra Sage Region NASierra Sage Region (Mammoth Lakes, Bishop)NAN/AN/A
    Sierra Sage Region NASierra Sage Region (Greater Reno)NA(888) 850-2205N/A
    Siouxland Area NASiouxland Area (Sioux City)NA(712) 279-0733N/A
    Siouxland IntergroupSioux CityAA(712) 252-1333N/A
    Siskiyou Area NASiskiyou Area (Mt Shasta, Weed, Yreka)NA(530) 925-6616N/A
    Sitka IntergroupSitkaAA(907) 747-8866N/A
    Small Wonder Area NASmall Wonder AreaNA(800) 317-3222N/A
    Snake River Valley Area NASnake River Valley Area (Idaho Falls, Pocatello)NA(208) 557-9336N/A
    Sno-King IntergroupMountlake TerraceAA(425) 672-0987N/A
    So. Palm Beach County Intergroup Inc.Delray BeachAA(561) 276-4581N/A
    So. Solano County Central OfficeBeniciaAA(707) 745-8822N/A
    SOAR Area NASOAR Area (Sioux Falls)NAN/AN/A
    Sonoma County Area NASonoma County Area (Santa Rosa)NA(707) 324-4062N/A
    Sonoma County IntergroupSanta RosaAA(707) 544-1300;(707) 546-2066;(800) 224-1300N/A
    South Arkansas Area NASouth Arkansas AreaNA(870) 310-6795N/A
    South Atlanta Area NASouth Atlanta AreaNA(404) 447-8445N/A
    South Atlantic Area NASouth Atlantic AreaNA(866) 288-6262N/A
    South Broward Area NASouth Broward Area (Hollywood)NA(954) 967-6755N/A
    South Central Area NASouth Central Area (Des Moines)NA(515) 244-2277N/A
    South Central Area NASouth Central Area (Casa Grande)NA(520) 426-0121N/A
    South Central Kentucky Area NASouth Central Kentucky Area (Bowling Green, Glasgow, Scottsville, Franklin)NA(866) 901-2849N/A
    South Central Missouri Area NASouth Central Missouri Area (Camdenton, Lake Ozark, Lebanon, Owensville, Richland, Rolla, St Robert)NA(800) 945-4673N/A
    South Coast Area NASouth Coast Area (San Juan Capistrano)NA(800) 333-3610N/A
    South Coastal Area NASouth Coastal Area (Greater Southern Charleston, Hilton Head Island)NA(843) 852-3001N/A
    South Dade Area NASouth Dade AreaNA(305) 265-9555N/A
    South East Iowa Area NASouth East Iowa Area (Iowa City, Coralville, Muscatine, Burlington, Ft Madison, Keokuk, Mt Pleasant)NA(800) 897-6242N/A
    South Eastern Arizona Area NASouth Eastern Arizona Area (Tucson)NA(520) 881-8381N/A
    South Eastern Penna Intergroup AssociationPhiladelphiaAA(215) 923-7900N/A
    South Georgia Area NASouth Georgia AreaNA(888) 490-0648N/A
    South Hills Area NASouth Hills Area (Pittsburgh)NA(888) 251-2426;(412) 391-5247N/A
    South Jersey Area NASouth Jersey AreaNAN/AN/A
    South Jersey Intergroup Assc.Cherry HillAA(856) 486-4444;(856) 486-4446N/A
    South King County Area NASouth King County Area (Kent)NA(253) 872-3494N/A
    South Mississippi IntergroupLong BeachAA(228) 575-9225N/A
    South Philadelphia Area NASouth Philadelphia AreaNA(215) 629-6757N/A
    South Puget Sound Area NASouth Puget Sound Area (Olympia)NA(360) 754-4433N/A
    South Shore Area NASouth Shore Area (Valparaiso)NA(219) 793-6262N/A
    South Sound Service CenterTumwaterAA(360) 352-7344N/A
    South Suburban Fireside Area NASouth Suburban Fireside AreaNA(877) 767-7676N/A
    South Tahoe Basin Area NASouth Tahoe Basin Area (Lake Tahoe South)NA(530) 541-4100N/A
    South Valley Area NASouth Valley Area (Henderson)NA(888) 495-3222N/A
    South West Area NASouth West Area (SWANA)NA(412) 391-5247N/A
    South West Iowa Area NASouth West Iowa Area (Council Bluffs)NA(402) 660-3662N/A
    Southeast Family Area NASoutheast Family AreaNA(262) 552-6879N/A
    Southeast Georgia IntergroupBrunswickAA(912) 265-0892N/A
    Southeast Texas Area NASoutheast Texas Area (Orange, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Nederland)NA(855) 627-3826N/A
    Southeastern Indiana IntergroupColumbusAA(812) 350-8949;(812) 663-0821N/A
    Southern Antelope Valley Area NASouthern Antelope Valley Area (Palmdale, Lancaster)NA(661) 266-2200N/A
    Southern Colorado Area NASouthern Colorado AreaNA(719) 569-5955N/A
    Southern Delaware IntergroupMillsboroAA(302) 856-6452N/A
    Southern Foothills Area NASouthern Foothills Area (Greater Gastonia)NA(866) 997-9559N/A
    Southern Illinois Central Service OfficeSouth RoxanaAA(618) 251-4000N/A
    Southern Illinois District 13 Answering ServiceEffingham and VandaliaAA(800) 307-6600;(618) 251-4000N/A
    Southern Maryland IntergroupCharlotte HallAA(800) 492-0209N/A
    Southern Mid-Michigan Area NASouthern Mid-Michigan AreaNAN/A
    Southern Middle Tennessee Area NASouthern Middle Tennessee Area (Lawrenceburg, Columbia)NA(866) 360-5973N/A
    Southern Nevada Area NASouthern Nevada AreaNA(888) 495-3222N/A
    Southern Oregon Area NASouthern Oregon Area (Ashland, Medford)NA(800) 733-8855N/A
    Southern Piedmont Area NASouthern Piedmont Area (Asheboro & Siler City)NA(866) 875-9751N/A
    Southern R.I. IntergroupWarwickAA(401) 739-8777N/A
    Southwest Alabama Central Office, Inc.MobileAA(251) 479-9994N/A
    Southwest Area NASouthwest Area (Hemet, Temecula, Banning)NA(951) 652-5326N/A
    Southwest Central IntergroupSturgisAA(616) 467-1107N/A
    Southwest Michigan Area NASouthwest Michigan Area (Kalamazoo)NA(800) 230-4085N/A
    Southwest Minnesota Area NASouthwest Minnesota Area (Marshall)NA(877) 767-7676N/A
    Southwest Texas District 7 AA HotlineVictoriaAA(866) 672-7029N/A
    Southwestern Indiana Central OfficeEvansvilleAA(800) 266-5584;(812) 434-4952N/A
    Southwestern Riverside County Central Service Office Inc.TemeculaAA(951) 695-1535N/A
    Space Coast Area NASpace Coast Area (Brevard County, Melbourne)NA(321) 631-4357N/A
    Spanish Speaking for LA NASpanish Speaking for LANAN/A(888) 622-4672
    Spanish Speaking United Wasatch Area NASpanish Speaking United Wasatch Area (Greater Salt Lake City)NAN/A(801) 332-9832
    Spokane Central OfficeSpokaneAA(509) 624-1442N/A
    Springfield Area NASpringfield Area (Clark Co, Champaign, Springfield)NA(800) 587-4232N/A
    St. Albans Answering ServiceSt. AlbansAA(802) 741-7100N/A
    St. Lucie County Intergroup AssociationPort St. LucieAA(772) 873-9299N/A
    St. Paul Intergroup Central OfficeSaint PaulAA(651) 227-5502N/A
    Stanislaus Valley Area NAStanislaus Valley Area (Modesto, Merced)NA(888) 942-9922;(209) 526-1817N/A
    Stark, Tuscarawas, and Carroll Services Area NAStark, Tuscarawas, and Carroll Services AreaNA(888) 438-4673N/A
    State College Area NAState College Area (Lewistown, Huntingdon, Mt Union, Clearfield)NA(814) 761-3240N/A
    Staten Island Area NAStaten Island AreaNA(212) 929-6262N/A
    Suffolk Area NASuffolk AreaNA(631) 689-6262N/A
    Suffolk Intergroup AssociationPatchogueAA(631) 669-1124;(631) 654-1150N/A
    Sullivan County Intergroup Assoc.LibertyAA(845) 234-4841N/A
    Sun City Area NASun City Area (Myrtle Beach, Georgetown)NA(866) 515-8962;(843) 449-6262N/A
    Sunbury Answering ServiceSunburyAA(570) 286-7436N/A
    Suncoast Area NASuncoast Area (Sarasota, Bradenton)NA(941) 257-5055N/A
    Sunset Coast Area NASunset Coast Area (Naples, Bonita Springs)NA(888) 435-7301N/A
    Susquehanna Area NASusquehanna AreaNA(800) 317-3222N/A
    SW Missouri Area NASW Missouri Area (Ava, Humansville, Marshfield, Monet, Republic, Springfield)NA(855) 866-7392N/A
    SW Washington Area NASW Washington Area (Vancouver, Goldendale, Washougal, Camas, Woodland)NA(360) 703-0990N/A
    Syracuse Service Center IntergroupSyracuseAA(315) 463-5011N/A
    Tamaqua Answering ServicesTamaquaAA(570) 654-0488N/A
    Tampa Funcoast Area NATampa Funcoast AreaNA(813) 879-4357N/A
    Tar Roanoke Area NATar Roanoke Area (Emporia)NAN/AN/A
    Tar Roanoke Area NATar Roanoke Area (Macon, Roanoke Rapids, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Wilson)NAN/AN/A
    Telstar Answering ServiceLas CrucesAA(575) 527-1803N/A
    Texarkana Area NATexarkana AreaNA(870) 773-8470N/A
    Thumb Area NAThumb Area (North Branch, Caro)NA(800) 230-4085N/A
    Tidewater Area NATidewater Area (Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk North East North Carolina)NA(866) 972-5055N/A
    Tidewater IntergroupVirginia BeachAA(757) 490-3980N/A
    Tioga County IntergroupOwegoAA(800) 307-4285N/A
    Topeka Area Answering ServiceTopekaAA(785) 235-2226N/A
    Traverse City AA Central Office (Area 34 District 11)Traverse CityAA(231) 946-8823N/A
    Treasure Coast Area NATreasure Coast Area (Ft Pierce, Port St Lucie, Stuart, Okeechobee, Vero Bch)NA(772) 905-4409N/A
    Treasure Valley Area NATreasure Valley Area (Boise & surrounding)NA(208) 391-3823N/A
    Treasure Valley Central OfficeBoiseAA(208) 344-6611N/A
    Tri County IntergroupSt. PetersAA(636) 970-0013N/A
    Tri-Cities Area NATri-Cities AreaNA(804) 965-1871N/A
    Tri-Cities Area NATri-Cities Area (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland)NA(877) 861-4885;(509) 546-8244N/A
    Tri-Cities Area NATri-Cities Area (Hermiston)NA(800) 726-8314N/A
    Tri-Cities TN Hotline (Bristol and Kingsport)BristolAA(423) 968-2020N/A
    Tri-Cities TN Hotline (Johnson City)Johnson CityAA(423) 928-0871N/A
    Tri-City Area NATri-City AreaNAN/A
    Tri-Country Area NATri-Country Area (Galveston, Fort Bend & Brazoria Counties)NA(888) 955-8822N/A
    Tri-County Central Office, IncTampaAA(813) 933-9123;(813) 933-9722N/A
    Tri-County IntergroupRaleighAA(919) 783-6144;(919) 783-8214N/A
    Tri-County IntergroupNorth CharlestonAA(843) 723-9633;(843) 554-2998N/A
    Tri-District Intergroup,Inc.PensacolaAA(850) 433-4191N/A
    Tri-State Region NATri-State RegionNA(888) 251-2426N/A
    Tri-State Region NATri-State RegionNA(888) 251-2426N/A
    Tri-State Region NATri-State RegionNA(888) 251-2426;(412) 391-5247N/A
    Triple Cities Area NATriple Cities Area (Binghamton)NA(607) 762-9116N/A
    Triple Cities IntergroupBinghamtonAA(607) 722-5983N/A
    Truckee/North Lake Tahoe Basin Area NATruckee/North Lake Tahoe Basin AreaNA(530) 546-1116N/A
    Tucson Area Intergroup Inc.TucsonAA(520) 624-4183N/A
    Tulare County Central OfficeExeterAA(559) 592-6999N/A
    Tupelo Central OfficeTupeloAA(662) 844-0374N/A
    Twin City Area NATwin City Area (Greater Winston-Salem)NA(800) 365-1035N/A
    Twin Ports Area IntergroupDuluthAA(218) 727-8117N/A
    Twin Rivers Area NATwin Rivers Area (Eastern PA)NA(866) 996-8444N/A
    Twin-Cities Area NATwin-Cities AreaNA(877) 767-7676N/A
    Ulster County Answering ServicesKingstonAA(845) 331-6360N/A
    Umpqua Valley Area NAUmpqua Valley Area (Sutherlin, Roseburg)NA(541) 957-1489N/A
    Uncoast Area NAUncoast Area (Gainesville)NA(866) 352-5323;(352) 376-8008N/A
    United Shoreline Area NAUnited Shoreline AreaNA(800) 627-3543N/A
    United Wasatch Area NAUnited Wasatch Area (Salt Lake City, Tooele, Kearns, West Valley)NA(801) 252-5326N/A
    Unity Area NAUnity Area (Maysville, Flemingsburg, Tollesboro)NA(800) 587-4232N/A
    Unity Area NAUnity Area (Metairie)NA(504) 889-8840N/A
    Unity Area NAUnity Area (Midland, Odessa)NAN/AN/A
    Unity Springs Area NAUnity Springs AreaNA(888) 385-3121N/A
    Unlimited Possibilities Area NAUnlimited Possibilities Area (Charleston, Parkersberg, Morgantown, Clarksberg, Buckhannon)NA(800) 766-4442N/A
    Upper Cumberland Area NAUpper Cumberland Area (Crossville)NA(866) 454-3784N/A
    Upper Keys FL IntergroupKey LargoAA(305) 852-6186N/A
    Upper Midwest Region NAUpper Midwest RegionNA(701) 234-9330N/A
    Upper Midwest Region NAUpper Midwest RegionNA(701) 234-9330N/A
    Upper Peninsula Area NAUpper Peninsula Area (Marquette, Munising, Escanaba, Iron Mountain, Gwinn, Manist)NA(866) 506-6557N/A
    Upper South Carolina Area NAUpper South Carolina Area (Greater Greenville)NA(864) 282-0109N/A
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    Ute Pass Area NAUte Pass Area (Woodland Park, Green Mountain Falls)NAN/AN/A
    Utica 24 Hour Dist 9 Answering ServiceUticaAA(315) 732-6880N/A
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    Verde Valley Area NAVerde Valley Area (Flagstaff & Tuba City)NA(928) 255-4655N/A
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    Voyager's Area NAVoyager's Area (International Fall, Virginia)NA(877) 767-7676N/A
    Wabash Valley Area NAWabash Valley Area (Terre Haute)NA(877) 888-4130N/A
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    Warren Answering ServiceWarrenAA(866) 839-3401N/A
    Washington Area Intergroup AssociationWashingtonAA(202) 966-9115N/A
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    Washtenaw Area NAWashtenaw AreaNA(734) 913-9839N/A
    Waterloo/Cedar Falls IA AAWaterlooAA(319) 291-3627N/A
    WEE Are Here Area NAWEE Are Here Area (Cambridge, Pine City)NA(877) 767-7676N/A
    West Central Missouri Area NAWest Central Missouri Area (East and South of Kansas City)NA(800) 561-2250N/A
    West End Area NAWest End Area (West San Fernando Valley)NA(818) 787-9706N/A
    West End Area NAWest End Area (6am-6pm) Metro AtlantaNA(770) 875-9271N/A
    West End Area NAWest End Area (6pm-6am) Metro AtlantaNA(770) 875-9272N/A
    West Hawaii Area NAWest Hawaii Area (Hilo, Kailua Kona)NA(808) 769-6016N/A
    West Hawaii Central OfficeKailua KonaAA(808) 329-1212N/A
    West Puget Sound Area NAWest Puget Sound AreaNA(877) 861-6156N/A
    West River Area NAWest River Area (Western South Dakota)NA(605) 731-8066N/A
    West Shore Area NAWest Shore Area (Holland, Zeeland, Hudsonville)NAN/A
    West Tennessee Area NAWest Tennessee Area (Memphis)NA(901) 276-5483N/A
    West Valley Area NAWest Valley Area (Phoenix Metro)NA(480) 897-4636N/A
    West/Central Intergroup Of MarylandFrederickAA(301) 662-0544N/A
    Western Area NAWestern Area (Oaklahoma City)NA(405) 524-7068N/A
    Western Area NAWestern Area (Oklahoma City - outside 405 area)NA(866) 524-7068N/A
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    Western Massachusetts Area NAWestern Massachusetts AreaNA(800) 481-6871N/A
    Western NC Area NAWestern NC Area (Greater Asheville)NA(866) 925-2148N/A
    Western New York Region NAWestern New York RegionNAN/AN/A
    Western Piedmont Intergroup Association Inc.GastoniaAA(704) 865-1561N/A
    Western Queens Area NAWestern Queens Area (Astoria, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx)NA(718) 962-6244N/A
    Western Reserve Area NAWestern Reserve AreaNA(888) 438-4673;(330) 678-7564N/A
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    Wheeling Area NAWheeling AreaNA(888) 251-2426N/A
    Wichita Metro Area NAWichita Metro Area (Wichita, Augusta, Newton)NA(316) 524-7775N/A
    Wild Rivers Area NAWild Rivers AreaNA(541) 787-6282N/A
    Willamette Valley Intergroup, Inc.SalemAA(503) 399-0599N/A
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    Winnebago Land Central OfficeFond Du LacAA(920) 922-7512N/A
    Wiregrass Area NAWiregrass Area (Bonifay, Mariana)NA(866) 985-0008N/A
    Wiregrass Area NAWiregrass Area (Abbeville, Dothan, Eufaula, Headland, Level Plains, Luverne, Ozark, Taylor, Troy)NA(866) 985-0008N/A
    Wiregrass IntergroupDothanAA(334) 792-3422N/A
    Wisconsin Regional Service Office NAWisconsin Regional Service OfficeNA(920) 232-9615N/A
    Woods & Waters Area NAWoods & Waters Area (Rhinelander, Minocqua, Ashland, Hayward, L'anse)NA(866) 310-9077N/A
    Worcester Area Intergroup Inc.WorcesterAA(508) 752-9000N/A
    Wyo-Braska Area NAWyo-Braska Area (Cheyenne)NA(866) 466-3673N/A
    Yamhill County IntergroupMcMinnvilleAA(503) 472-1172N/A
    Yamhill Unified Area NAYamhill Unified Area (McMinnville, Newberg)NA(877) 551-4662N/A
    Yavapai Area NAYavapai Area (Prescott)NA(800) 698-5148N/A
    York Area IntergroupYorkAA(717) 854-4617N/A
    York Area NAYork AreaNA(717) 848-9988N/A
    Youngstown Area A.A. IntergroupYoungstownAA(330) 270-3000N/A
    Yuma Area NAYuma AreaNA928.502-2201N/A
    Yuma IntergroupYumaAA(928) 782-2605N/A

    Sober Living Homes

    Sober living homes (also referred to as recovery residences) are group homes that help recovering addicts transition from treatment facilities to living independently while maintaining their sobriety. These homes can be especially beneficial for individuals who don’t have a supportive and positive environment in which to live after leaving a rehabilitation facility.

    Residents of sober living homes can stay from a few months to several years, as long as they follow house rules and avoid relapse, as these homes typically have a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy. Additionally, residents are expected to complete chores, attend mutual support groups, and pay an equal share of the cost of renting the home.

    Some sober living homes are listed in our database, and you can find them by using the appropriate filter in our tool above. You can also check out our guide on sober living homes to learn more about them and to find a certified recovery residence near you.

    IV. Substance Abuse in North Dakota


    The following table illustrates the annual estimates of substance abuse among residents of North Dakota between 2016 and 2017, in addition to the percentage of the North Dakota population and the U.S. population that those estimates represent.

    Annual Estimates for Substance Abuse in North Dakota, 2016-2017
    Ages: 12-17Ages: 18+Total Ages% of North Dakota Population% of National Population
    Prescription Opioid04,0004,0000.53%<0.01%

    Source: 2016-2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health State-Specific Tables, Table 81

    * ‘Alcohol’ refers to an Alcohol Use Disorder. The numbers reflected in the table above are not the number of individuals who use alcohol, but rather those who have an AUD, defined as meeting the criteria for alcohol dependence.

    * ‘Prescription opioid’ refers to a Pain Reliever Use Disorder. The numbers reflected in the table above are not the number of individuals who use or even occasionally misuse a prescription opioid, but rather those who have a PRUD, defined as meeting the criteria for illicit drug dependence.


    of North Dakota deaths are caused by drugs and alcohol


    of U.S. deaths are caused by drugs and alcohol

    The following table shows the number of deaths involving drugs and alcohol in North Dakota between 2008 and 2017. The corresponding graph illustrates the percentage of deaths due to drugs and alcohol in North Dakota compared to the national average.

    Drug- and Alcohol-Induced Deaths in North Dakota, 2008-2017
    0-1718+All Ages
    Drug-Induced Deaths311,83011,833
    Alcohol-Induced Deaths21,9031,905
    Total Deaths96773,60474,571
    Percentage of Drug & Alcohol-Induced Deaths0.52%18.66%18.42%

    Source: CDC Wonder

    The following table details the number of admissions to state-funded treatment programs in North Dakota in 2017, based on the primary substance for which the individual was seeking treatment.

    Admissions to State-Funded Treatment Programs in North Dakota by Primary Substance, 2017
    Total Treatment Admissions% of All Treatment Admissions in North Dakota% of All Treatment Admissions in the U.S.
    All Substances5,231100%0.28%
    Alcohol (Including Alcohol Usage with Secondary Drug)1,74433.4%0.09%
    Amphetamines (Including Methamphetamines)1,78934.2%0.1%
    Cocaine (Including Smoked and Other Usage)370.7%<0.01%
    Other Opiates (Including Prescription Opioids)2625%0.01%
    Other Stimulants2<0.01%<0.01%
    Other/Unknown Substances1893.6%0.01%

    Key Indicators of Substance Abuse Issues

    When trying to understand substance abuse issues in a specific area, researchers and policymakers examine “key indicators.” Combined with usage statistics, key indicators can provide a deep level of insight into which substances present the most serious concerns and which demographics can be most impacted by substance abuse. Key indicators of substance abuse issues within the state of North Dakota, along with recent, credible statistics, are examined below.

    Over 100,000 North Dakotans suffer from mental illness every year

    As discussed earlier in this guide, there is a strong link between substance use disorders and mental health disorders. When an individual is afflicted with both of these issues at the same time, health professionals refer to it as co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders or a “dual diagnosis.” Consequently, the prevalence of mental health issues in a given state can also help us to understand the level of substance abuse.



    of North Dakota adults had a serious mental illness


    of North Dakota adolescents had a major depressive episode

    Between 2013 and 2017, 3.5% of North Dakota adults were afflicted with a serious mental illness, compared to 4.2% nationally. Among North Dakota adolescents, 8.9% of individuals aged 12-17 suffered a major depressive episode in the past year, compared to a national average of 12.1%.

    The table below sheds some light on the prevalence of mental health issues in North Dakota.

    Mental Health Issues in North Dakota by Age and Percentage of Population, 2016-2017
    Ages: 12-17% of North Dakota PopulationAges: 18+% of North Dakota Population
    Major Depressive Episode6,0000.79%40,0005.26%
    Any Mental IllnessNo DataNo Data103,00013.55%
    Serious Mental IllnessNo DataNo Data26,0003.42%
    Serious Thoughts of SuicideNo DataNo Data26,0003.42%

    Suicide rates in North Dakota are significantly higher than the national average

    The Centers for Disease Control reports that suicide is the leading cause of death in the United States. The suicide rate has risen in nearly every state from 1999 to 2016, with that rate increasing by more than 30% in half of all 50 states since 1999. Suicide is an act that is often linked to substance abuse. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, substance abuse is a primary risk factor for both adults and adolescents who attempt and/or complete suicide, and this is particularly true for at-risk populations.

    Furthermore, the relationship between substance abuse and suicide is multi-faceted and complex. Persons who have substance abuse issues typically also carry other risk factors for suicide, including depression, impulsive behavior, and other struggles with relationships, finances, illness, or unemployment that make them more likely to engage in self-harm. Between 1999 and 2016, North Dakota witnessed a 57.6% increase in the number of suicides. In 2017, North Dakota ranked 12th in the country for the number of suicides per 100,000 residents.

    Suicides and Suicide Rates in North Dakota and the United States, 2017
    Suicides in North DakotaSuicide Rate Per 100,00Suicides in the U.S.Suicide Rate Per 100,000
    Ages 10-14No DataNo Data5172.5
    Ages 15-243127.66,25214.5
    Ages 25-446331.115,28317.8
    Ages 45-644525.316,54319.6
    Ages 65-74No DataNo Data4,62015.6
    Ages 75+No DataNo Data3,94818.6
    All Ages15420.447,16314.5

    North Dakota has a much lower opioid prescribing rate than the overall U.S. rate

    Prescription drug abuse – particularly in the form of opioids – has become an epidemic in the United States. While it is difficult to estimate how many individuals use these drugs as prescribed and how many abuse them, the Centers for Disease Control has researched the variation in opioid prescriptions between states, establishing a direct connection between an increased level of opioid prescriptions with a greater potential for dependence and abuse. Across the United States in 2017, 191 million prescriptions for opioids were written by physicians, ultimately leading one in four patients who begins long-term opioid therapy to an addiction.


    opioid prescriptions per 100 North Dakota residents, 2017


    opioid prescriptions per 100 U.S. residents, 2017

    After peaking in 2012, the U.S. opioid prescribing rate has been on a steady decline for the last several years due to the explosion of the opioid epidemic and the recognition of the role that excessive opioid prescriptions have played in this epidemic. Between 2013 and 2017, the opioid prescribing rate in the United States dropped from 78.1 prescriptions per 100 residents to 58.7 prescriptions per 100 residents, a decrease of 24.84%. The opioid prescribing rate in North Dakota was consistently lower than the U.S. prescribing rate during that time period, from 60.1 prescriptions per 100 residents in 2013 to 41.5 prescriptions per 100 residents in 2017, revealing an even greater decrease of 30.95%.

    North Dakota and U.S. Opioid Prescribing Rates, 2013-2017

    The rate of homelessness in North Dakota is far below the national average

    A high rate of homelessness in an area indicates a greater potential for substance abuse issues. Homelessness has been shown to be linked to substance abuse as both a cause and a result; some individuals become homeless due to a substance use disorder, while other individuals who are already homeless frequently turn to substance use to dull the pain and desperation of their situation.

    The 2018 Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Point-in-Time Count reported approximately 552,830 homeless individuals in the United States, the equivalent of 17 of every 10,000 U.S. residents. This number represents a decrease of 4.1% since 2014 when the number of homeless persons in the U.S. was around 576,450. Furthermore, homelessness across the United States has decreased by 15% since 2007, the year that HUD began collecting data on the homeless population.


    of every 10,000 North Dakota residents were homeless, 2018


    of every 10,000 U.S. residents were homeless, 2018

    By comparison, North Dakota had approximately 542 homeless persons in 2018, equating to 7 of every 10,000 North Dakota residents, far below the national average. This number reveals a 56.92% decrease since 2014 when 1,258 homeless persons lived in North Dakota.

    V. Regional Substance Abuse Statistics & Rehabs

    The following sections provide a deeper look at the substance abuse problem in North Dakota by examining the combined drug- and alcohol-related death rate of the first and third most populous cities. Additionally, the three highest-rated rehabilitation centers are listed.

    Fargo-Grand Forks

    The three highest-rated rehabilitation centers in Fargo-Grand Forks are listed in the table below, along with each institution’s performance based on our core metrics.

    The Highest-Rated, Low-Cost Rehabs in Fargo-Grand Forks
    Southeast Human Service Center: Region VDakota Boys and Girls RanchDrake Counseling Services, Inc.
    Rehabilitation Services Provided822
    Treatment Approaches10103.33
    Special Programs for Unique Demographics6.68100
    Ancillary Services7.155.730.72
    Total Score8.16.22.0

    The drug- and alcohol-induced death rate in Fargo-Grand Forks aligns with the rate across North Dakota


    of Fargo-Grand Forks deaths are caused by drugs and alcohol


    of North Dakota deaths are caused by drugs and alcohol

    Between 2008 and 2017, there were 3,273 deaths induced by drugs and alcohol in Cass and Grand Forks counties, in which Fargo and Grand Forks are located, respectively. This number represented 18.64% of the total number of deaths among all ages in the counties combined and aligned with the state average of 18.42% during the same time period. However, this rate exceeds the national average of 12.71% by over five full percentage points.

    Drug- and Alcohol-Induced Deaths in Cass and Grand Forks Counties, 2008-2017
    0-1718+All Ages
    Drug-Induced Deaths12,7032,704
    Alcohol-Induced Deaths0569569
    Total Deaths23617,32717,563
    Percentage of Drug & Alcohol-Induced Deaths0.42%18.88%18.64%

    VI. Take Action

    Substance abuse treatment is available in North Dakota for anyone who needs help beating an addiction – you don’t have to struggle alone. To receive assistance, start by determining your insurance coverage and by contacting your regional human service center. You can also use our tool earlier in this guide to locate a treatment center near you. Remember, many low-cost rehabilitation centers can help if you don’t have insurance coverage or feel like you are unable to afford treatment.