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Alcohol, Drug, and Other Rehab Centers in Spokane, Washington


The 13 Best Rehabs in Spokane, WA

To be sure we are recommending the best facilities, our team of researchers developed five core metrics to determine the quality of each treatment center. These metrics cover key aspects such as cost, treatment approaches, and rehab services provided. For more information, read the full breakdown of our filtering process and ranking methodology.

The 13 best rehab facilities in Spokane, WA are: Alcohol, Drug, and Other Rehab Centers in Spokane, WA Badge

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers

812 S Walnut
Spokane, WA 99204

Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers (SPARC) began as a community project to help homeless addicts by providing treatment on the street. Now it has four inpatient homes and one outpatient center. It offers state-certified chemical dependency treatment, which coincides with state-certified mental health services. Unlike most facilities, SPARC doesn’t focus on the traditional 12-step program and takes the approach that each individual has their own recovery path, instead. Staying at one of the inpatient facilities includes structured days and nights. The daytime is filled with group therapy, as well as personal, one-on-one care. In the evenings, residents are responsible for their own cooking and cleaning, using groceries provided by the facility.

What patients are saying:

One five-star reviewer said, “When I started here I thought this could not work but actually the combination of the mental health with addiction recovery (worked). …. you need to come here it will work if you want it to.”


  • 4.1 stars
  • 104 reviews

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights

524 E. Francis Avenue
Spokane, WA 99208

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights is a multi-accredited, private addiction treatment center. New patients or ‘guests’ as they are called at RLC, are given an individual medical assessment and biopsychsocial evaluation upon admission. After this, guests meet with their personal clinical team to design a treatment plan. Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights offers a renowned medical detox program and a residential inpatient program. During these inpatient levels of care, guests will participate in group therapy for five hours per day, seven days a week, in addition to having one-on-one therapy sessions with their primary therapist. Guests have the option to attend the full continuum of care that Royal Life Centers offers, and continue their treatment at Royal Life Center’s aftercare facility in Mead, Washington. Royal Life Centers extends treatment to  build on life skills, coping mechanisms, and tools; offering a full vocational program as well as tribal courses to build a recovery founded on native principles and traditions. The full program from medical detox to outpatient is about 90-days in length; the first week is medical detox, the next two weeks are residential inpatient, and then the last nine weeks are split up into three phases: PHP (partial hospitalization program), IOP (intensive outpatient program), and OP (outpatient program, with or without housing). The goal is to provide the tools for guests to rebuild their lives, gaining more independence and stability as they progress through the levels of care.

What patients are saying:

One recent five-star reviewer says, “I was humiliated to go to treatment (work, friends, family) but it was the best thing I ever did! The staff and other patients were amazing and so open. It got me from drinking myself to death to learning to love myself. Clean, comfortable beds, and awesome food!”


  • 4.1 stars
  • 36 reviews

Riverside Recovery Center

3710 N. Monroe
Spokane, WA 99205

Riverside Recovery Center is an outpatient addiction treatment facility. The center also makes referrals to inpatient care centers as needed. The focus is on a holistic approach, seeking to help people in recovery make healthier choices. Intensive outpatient care involves medical treatment with a variety of detox medications, counseling with state-certified counselors, and group therapy.

What patients are saying:

One happy alumnus gave a five-star review and stated, “Love the staff here, they worked really well with me and do care about the people who come there.” Another former patient had this to say, “They have been very helpful & understanding. Even to someone like me who wasn’t quite in the right mindset/living situation to quit at first.”


  • 3.5 stars
  • 16 reviews

Breakthrough Recovery Group

11711 East Sprague Ave
Suite D4
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Breakthrough Recovery Group is dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the recovery process. The treatment services are designed to integrate the body, mind, and spirit of the patient, providing evidence-based addiction and mental health counseling. The program addresses the addiction, as well as the underlying issues that may have led to it. Therapy focuses on a client-centered approach and includes acupuncture, sensory integration, and massage therapy. Breakthrough is the only treatment facility in Washington that is licensed in teaching the Brene Brown methodology.

What patients are saying:

A recovering patient left this five-star review, saying, “Breakthrough provides a solid program for recovery. If you put in half the effort then don’t expect more than half the attempt at rehabilitation. They are in the business of helping those who want it and provide a program that allows the individual a chance at making a solid foundation for change. Highly recommend Breakthrough.”


  • 3.67 stars
  • 7 reviews

Colonial Clinic

Colonial Clinic logo
910 North Washington
Suite 210
Spokane, WA 99201

The counselors at Colonial Clinic work with any kind of substance abuse and address related mental health issues with patients and their families. Most of the team at Colonial Clinic are in recovery themselves, giving them a unique ability to relate to the patient. The facility offers closed group therapy, which means once a group is formed, no new recovering addicts are admitted. The clinic feels this creates a closer connection within the group. It also offers family counseling, mental health counseling, and relapse prevention groups. The intensive outpatient program is five days a week and has a concurrent family program to help deal with any mental health issues throughout the rehabilitation process.

What patients are saying:

One five-star review from a former client states, “I have researched or gone to all the other treatment centers in the area!! Colonial Clinic and its closed group therapy sessions and overall quality is by far the best!! In fact, the others are an absolute joke compared to the Colonial Clinic and its Counselors!!! If you adhere to the rules and want to stay sober the Colonial clinic is the answer.”


  • 3.82 stars
  • 32 reviews

Spokane Treatment Solutions

4305 E Trent Ave
Spokane, WA 99212

Spokane Treatment Solutions is a methadone clinic focused on opioid and heroin addiction and recovery for patients aged 18 and older. The expert medical staff supervises the addition of medications into patients’ treatment plans. Methadone and Subutex are useful medications for reducing withdrawal symptoms and diminishing cravings, and the medicine and dosage will vary by patient. While medications can help, Spokane Treatment Solutions also provides the appropriate tools for patients to maintain their recovery. Group and individual therapy sessions, led by a highly qualified counselor, help patients work through emotions, and create a sense of community.

What patients are saying:

One recent alumnus wrote a five-star review saying, “I think all the counselors are great! They really care about who they are helping!” Another five-star reviewer stated, “This is a really top notch facility. Go in and do what you need to do and they are perfect. Communicate and you will be taken care of. BE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT!!! IF you go in with your immature, druggy attitude you will be called on it and difficulties come your way… It’s up to you how your recovery and experience is perceived. You get what you give.”


  • 4.13 stars
  • 34 reviews

Excelsior Wellness Center

3754 W Indian Trail Rd.
Spokane, WA 99208

Excelsior Wellness Center is a multifaceted behavioral health and holistic educational center focused on children, adolescents, and young adults under the age of 20. It offers residential and outpatient behavioral health treatment services, including inpatient psychiatric care and substance abuse rehabilitation. There is an on-site, accredited middle and high school offering individualized learning opportunities that allow students to focus on their high school diploma, prepare for the GED, and gain college and work skills. An Art and Music program that engages youth in the creative process and a vocational training program that prepares clients for the transition upon graduation are both available to students. Excelsior approaches wellness as an eight-dimension approach and uses all eight to help with the healing process. The grounds include a challenge course and arboretum to explore.

What patients are saying:

One former client left a five-star review saying, “I am who I am today because of this school and the staff who worked there. I attended this school for 3 years. I especially thank Sara Schumacher who didn’t just work there but gave all her love time and dedication; here I am almost 20 years later and giving thanks to God for everything I went through and the people I met. Thank you, Sara, and thank you to my beloved Mama for never giving up on me, because today I am a woman who walks with her head high.”


  • 3.07 stars
  • 27 reviews

Gateway Counseling Services

140 S. Arthur Street
Suite 400
Spokane, WA 99202

Gateway Counseling is an outpatient chemical dependency treatment facility, offering a discreet program tailored to each client. The certified chemical dependency team works with patients through an individualized treatment plan that consists of individual therapy, educational group sessions that focus on motivating clients to change their behaviors, and ongoing recovery maintenance and support. Gateway also offers intensive outpatient treatment, if necessary. The treatment approach taken is based on the initial assessment with the patient upon arrival. This assessment uses recommendations from ASAM criteria.

What patients are saying:

One recent patient wrote a five-star review, saying, “Great environment!! I’ve enjoyed my experience here everyone has a positive attitude and very helpful through tough times.” Another reviewer left a four-star review and said, “Like my docs office!”


  • 2.6 stars
  • 7 reviews

Pioneer Center East

3400 W Garland Avenue
Spokane, WA 99205

Pioneer Center East (PCE) is a substance abuse treatment center nestled in a quiet neighborhood of Spokane, Washington. PCE provides intensive inpatient treatment for clients who suffer from chronic substance use disorder in a semi-secure, comfortable, and welcoming facility. The center offers 53 beds to men and women over the age of 18 who would most benefit from intensive inpatient care. Services offered include learning about necessary living skills, nutritional and recreational health, and making healthy recovery-based lifestyle choices. PCE also focuses on Motivational Interviewing, development of coping skills, and trauma-informed care, with a specialized MRT track for the recidivist population. PCE offers Medication Assisted Treatment options as well as psychiatric medication management for those in need or struggling with co-occurring disorders. Throughout the rehabilitation process, patients have access to resources to help with a smooth transition back into the community. Services are available on a voluntary basis, as well as to legally motivated patients, with the intent of preventing relapse.

What patients are saying:

One client gave a five-star review saying: “Pioneer has put me in a position to live a normal productive life as a person with a criminal past they trained me and have given me employment several times. I love this company and know Washington is better for it.”


  • 4.47 stars
  • 42 reviews

American Behavioral Health System Mission

12715 E Mission Ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99216

American Behavioral Health Systems (ABHS) is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with facilities located around Washington, including two in Spokane. They provide a three-tier treatment approach. An integrated treatment plan from ABHS includes detoxification, residential programs, co-occurring disorder treatment, and intensive outpatient services for mental health and substance abuse. It also created a secure withdrawal management center that specializes in medication-assisted opioid withdrawal. ABHS offers Vivitrol and Suboxone for people who are on Medicaid or have low-incomes, along with medically assisted detox from drugs and alcohol. The facilities provide a comprehensive treatment plan to match each client’s specific needs and create a safe environment to help each patient recover and heal.

What patients are saying:

One former patient left a five-star review stating, “Thanks to the help of ABHS I was able to get my life together! Just celebrated 5 years clean and many more to come thank you for the support and the therapeutic training!! You gave me the tools and I chose to use them to my advantage!!” Another client left a four-star review stating, “I went into ABHS not knowing what to expect. I’m so grateful for the time spent there. I learned so much from that place and the Care Team Staff was wonderful, and the Counselors were outstanding.”


  • 2.48 stars
  • 86 reviews

Partners with Families and Children Spokane

1321 W. Broadway
Spokane, WA 99201

Partners with Families & Children provides advocacy services. The center is focused on preventing child abuse by working with the family and state agencies, as well as putting the needs of the child first. This approach lets the child stay at one facility while agencies come to Partners to work together with the mental health and substance abuse professionals. It provides support to all families across the Inland NW. Partners provides services for child advocacy, mental health, substance abuse disorders, and parenting support, and it also has a fussy baby network. With the focus on children, Partners aims to help families through counseling and education while protecting children from detrimental environments.

What patients are saying:

One former client states, “They worked to help me and my family. Wonderful people there.” Employees of Partners have also left reviews discussing the positives of helping families grow and succeed.


  • 3.79 stars
  • 13 reviews

Native Project

1803 W Maxwell
Spokane, WA 99201

The Native Project is a health services provider that provides drug and alcohol rehab and behavioral health and patient care, as well as medical, dental, and preventative medicine for native and non-native peoples. The Native Project works with over 300 different tribes across the region, and its focus on culture and spirituality keeps tribal cultures in the forefront. They prescribe to a patient-centered care model that intertwines education, culture, wellness, and spirituality as an overall treatment approach. Over 50% of the patients are American Indian or Alaska Natives.

What patients are saying:

One former client said, “Best service I have ever experienced in Spokane when it comes to staff and environment. These people try no matter what to give you amazing service and the pharmacy has such great staff that will take the time to explain your meds. Front office are excellent. Excellent!!”


  • 4.38 stars
  • 195 reviews

YFA Connections

22 S. Thor Street
Spokane, WA 99202

YFA Connections, located in Spokane, Washington, is licensed to provide services that are dual-diagnosis enhanced, meaning they provide outpatient treatment along with psychiatric care with an in-house psychiatric nurse practitioner. YFA provides intensive outpatient, individual, group, and family counseling, and works towards ensuring that their clients live a substance-free life.

What patients are saying:

Several five-star reviews from clients state, “Great place, great staff, great resource,” “Great place to work on yourself,” “Love this place!!” Another five-star review from a patient says, “It’s a very well put together environment and the staff and guests here are generally good people who truly care about others and are concerned enough to better others lives!!!”


  • 4.66
  • 19 reviews


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), there are 43 substance abuse treatment centers in the Spokane area. To determine which provide the highest quality of treatment and the most resources for recovery, we used the following five core metrics to evaluate each facility.

the five core metrics for Rehab evaluation

For more information, feel free to read a full breakdown of our filtering process and ranking methodology.

Getting Help in Spokane

Start by determining your coverage

To determine your best options for a rehabilitation center, it is important to first learn about your health insurance coverage. Reach out to your private or healthcare marketplace insurance provider to find out which substance abuse treatment centers are available to you. Regardless of the type of coverage you have, both public and private insurance companies must cover substance abuse treatment for qualified individuals.

To learn more about addiction and the rehabilitation process in your state, read our guide to rehab in Washington.

Use our database to find a treatment center near you

The tool below lists all of the treatment centers in the state of Washington recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Enter your zip code and select the filter icon to find relevant treatment centers near you.

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    Spokane Rehab FAQs

    Do I need to go to rehab?

    Substance abuse and addiction have high costs, often adversely affecting work performance, personal relationships, and your physical health. To help you determine if you may be addicted, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has an Alcohol Use Screening and a Substance Abuse Screening to help you find out.

    How long does rehab last?

    Different programs and levels of addiction require different program lengths. Common rehab lengths are:

    How much does drug rehab cost?

    Pricing depends on the program, services, and amenities offered. Typically, outpatient programs are cheaper than inpatient, and live-in inpatient facilities are the most expensive. To learn more, read our guide on The Cost of Rehab.

    How does rehab work?

    Rehab is made up of four basic steps:

    • Assessment
    • Detox
    • Therapy
    • Aftercare

    To learn more about the rehab process and each step, read our guide to The Addiction Rehabilitation Process.

    How important is aftercare? 

    One of the most important steps in the rehabilitation process is aftercare – the continuing support and accountability offered through counseling and 12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

    To find an AA or NA meeting near you, use the directory below.

    Name City Program Telephone Spanish Hotline

    For more FAQs visit our rehab FAQ page.