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Alcohol, Drug, and Other Rehab Centers in Miami, Florida


The 23 Best Rehabs in Miami, FL

South Miami Recovery

7520 Red Road, Unit E-1
Miami, FL 33143

South Miami Recovery provides personalized, affordable outpatient treatment for those with substance abuse disorders. Its comprehensive treatment program addresses all aspects of recovery from a spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional perspective. The center provides treatment on several levels, addressing the needs of each client while also providing a safe environment for their recovery. Its program begins with an assessment and includes substance abuse and family therapy. It also offers a relapse prevention program, as well as mindfulness therapy for healing and anxiety relief.

What patients are saying:

According to one five-star reviewer, “Fantastic! Clean, comfortable and professional.”


  • 4.64 stars
  • 7 reviews

Harbor Village Florida

9198 NW 8th Avenue
Miami, FL 33150

Harbor Village provides a full continuum of care. It offers client-centered, individualized programs, using evidence-based addiction treatment methods to guide patients through the recovery process. The center’s comprehensive treatment delves beneath the physical aspects of addiction to address the underlying causes. Its Inpatient Drug Rehab Center creates treatment plans that help patients master their physical and psychological dependencies, in conjunction with addiction specialists who have also overcome substance dependencies. The Outpatient Rehabilitation Center allows patients to try independent living, visiting the center three to five days per week for cognitive behavioral therapy, pharmacological therapy, family therapy, and life coaching. The center’s Spanish track program provides its medical detox and treatment programs in Spanish.

What patients are saying:

One former patient offers this review, ”Harbor Village saved my life! This was the best experience I have ever had. The staff genuinely care about you and your family. They provide all the tools you need to never have to use again. I built a strong foundation to the rest of my life with the loving help of Harbor Village!”


  • 4.30 stars
  • 364 reviews

Compassion Behavioral Health

1 Oakwood Boulevard, Suite 265
Hollywood, FL 33020

Compassion Behavioral Health is a treatment center in Hollywood that offers treatment for those suffering from substance abuse and mental health disorders. It includes several levels of individualized care to promote long-term health and recovery. Psychiatric and counseling experts help patients to reach their full potential. The center’s substance abuse program offers collaborative therapy to assist clients in focusing on interpersonal relationships, along with one-on-one sessions between a therapist and client. The center also utilizes Neurotherapy, which uses cutting edge methods to detect the root cause of addictive behavior and health imbalances.

What patients are saying:

One five-star reviewer recommends, ”This place is incredible. The staff are so accommodating and professional. They made me feel welcome from the minute I arrived and helped me become a better man over the course of my stay there.”


  • 4.81 stars
  • 77 reviews

Summer House Detox Center

13550 Memorial Highway
Miami, FL 33161

Summer House Detox Center, a family-owned drug and alcohol detox center, has offered patients treatment through medication in a comfortable setting for more than 18 years. The center accommodates patients in large, comfortable rooms with luxurious private baths, as well as televisions and Wi-Fi access. It has a 2:1 staff-to-patient ratio, with 24-hour monitoring and medical supervision. Its detox services are offered in three phases. In the first phase, patients begin the stabilization period with liquid medication, which is given in reducing doses. During the second phase, patients receive medication and feel an increased sense of well-being. During the third phase, a booster medication is introduced that relieves end-stage withdrawal. The center also assists patients in recommending aftercare and establishing a healthy routine on return to society.

What patients are saying:

One alumnus wrote, ”My first time in detox/recovery; I never imagined it would be such an amazingly beautiful experience. I wish they had space to hold everyone who needs this kind of help to put their lives back on track.”


  • 4.90 stars
  • 172 reviews

Transitions Recovery Program

1928 NE 154th Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Transitions Recovery, a nationally accredited substance abuse treatment center, is based in North Miami Beach. Founded in 1985, it provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment that includes residential sober living, partial-day programs, intensive outpatient services, continuing care, and family care. The center offers three therapy programs, the first being residential treatment, where patients live at the facility and participate in a structured daily schedule of counseling and life skills education. Its partial hospitalization program requires daily attendance at the center while allowing patients to live at home, and its outpatient and intensive outpatient programs require patients to have between nine and 20 hours of therapy per week. The center also offers a relapse prevention program that provides lifetime aftercare.

What patients are saying:

A former patient supplied this recommendation, ”My overall experience at Transitions is they are Godly, nurturing, supportive and very insightful as well as very caring. Staff also keeps in touch with me regularly. Highly recommend!”


  • 4.80 stars
  • 68 reviews

Recovery First

4110 Davie Road Extension
Hollywood, FL 33024

Recovery First is a substance abuse rehab in Hollywood that provides a continuum of care for those with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Patients begin with a physical exam and tests to determine the level of treatment required. It offers a medical detox treatment with 24/7 care, and nurses perform rounds every 15 minutes. Patients live in a 28-bed residential complex and spend the majority of the day in structured therapy sessions. Its partial hospitalization program allows patients to live at home while spending the majority of their time in treatment. The facility also provides a specialized treatment program for first responders and health care professionals.

What patients are saying:

A reviewer had this to say about the facility, ”I can’t say enough great things about this place. The staff were all amazing and really cared about the clients and their recovery. I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for Recovery First.”


  • 4.10 stars
  • 157 reviews

Safe Landing Recovery for Teens

515 NW 167th Street, Suite 180
Miami Gardens, FL 33169

Safe Landing Recovery offers a comprehensive, personalized approach to addiction recovery in Miami Gardens. Its extensive treatment program is focused on addressing the underlying causes of teen addiction by providing continual support and structure throughout the recovery process. The facility’s compassionate and experienced medical and mental health specialists offer a comprehensive, personalized approach to addiction recovery. Inpatient treatment is provided in a fully enclosed facility using evidence-based clinical interventions. Its partial hospitalization programs focus on client-centered care, as well as group and individual therapy sessions. Outpatient programs and aftercare support services incorporate family counseling and mentorship from licensed therapists and specialists.

What patients are saying:

One former alumnus of the program recommends, ”One of a kind facility. Only the best recovery provided. They supply you with all the tools needed to succeed and thrive.”


  • 3.4 stars
  • 10 reviews

Banyan Health Systems Integrated Adult Outpatient Services

3850 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33134

Banyan Health Systems, a not-for-profit health care organization, provides accessible primary and behavioral health care. It has 40 years of experience providing treatment for co-occurring disorders, with crisis teams providing 24-hour crisis intervention and stabilization services. Through its medical home treatment system, the organization also provides integrated behavioral and physical health services for those in their care. It offers detox services, adult residential substance abuse treatment, outpatient substance abuse services, and 24-hour crisis services.

What patients are saying:

One reviewer had this to say about the facility, ”Great center. Professional staff. Great therapy with their therapists. Have helped me through the roughest time of my life.”


  • 3.60 stars
  • 106 reviews

Fellowship House

5711 South Dixie Highway
South Miami, FL 33143

Fellowship House is a nonprofit psychosocial rehabilitation center in South Miami. Founded in 1973, it assists patients with persistent psychiatric disabilities and co-occurring substance abuse disorders to achieve the highest level of self-reliance and community integration. The center’s comprehensive programs offer residential options, psychiatric services, and social rehabilitation. Its outpatient services assist by providing mental health treatment, as well as individual and group therapy. The center also offers community housing, ranging from supervised transitional to permanent supportive housing. It also provides FACT rehabilitation and support services, which are individually tailored to each client and enable clients to live in their own residences and gain employment in community jobs.

What patients are saying:

One five-star reviewer states, ”A phenomenal organization that serves some of the neediest and most underrepresented populations in Miami.”


  • 4.63 stars
  • 13 reviews

Family Recovery Specialists

9350 Sunset Drive, Suite 175
Miami, FL 33173

Family Recovery Specialists treats individuals with substance use disorders and mental health issues. It has an individualized and comprehensive approach to treatment, using evidence-based practices and providing families with the most innovative treatment programs. It offers intensive outpatient treatment for patients who have already completed an inpatient treatment program but require more time in recovery. The organization also runs an adolescent addiction treatment program tailored to the specific needs of young adults. Adolescents with substance use disorders often struggle with other mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety, the treatment of which is integrated into the overall treatment program.

What patients are saying:

One reviewer recommends, ”They really care about clients. Wonderful therapists. Overall great environment for outpatient treatment.”


  • 4.90 stars
  • 9 reviews

Adaptive Center LLC

1411 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33145

Adaptive Center provides rehabilitation treatment services for individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders. It uses a cutting-edge diagnosis program and evidence-based psychotherapy interventions to remove blocks that restrict patients from reaching their fullest potential. The organization has three levels of treatment, beginning with its full-time program that involves high-frequency treatment through individual, group therapy, life planning, and case management sessions. Its part-time program offers living skills, as well as individual and specialized group therapy sessions. An ongoing program incorporates continued sobriety, effective living, and individual and group therapy.

What patients are saying:

One five-star review from a former patient states, ”This center saved my life. Not only do they help you, but teach you how to help yourself. Everyone there is incredibly nice, patient and helpful throughout the entire process.”


  • 4.40 stars
  • 11 reviews

Miami Dade Community Services Inc

1901 SW 1st. Street
Miami, FL 33135

Miami Dade Community Services, a nonprofit community mental health care center, was founded in 2002. It operates as an outpatient substance abuse facility and provides services to offenders with addictions and other behavioral health problems. This is a complete outpatient center, licensed for adult and adolescent substance abuse services. The center’s court-mandated substance abuse program offers group sessions conducted by licensed professionals and participants are expected to attend twice per week.

What patients are saying:

One reviewer states, ”Great place for therapy.”


  • 2.7 stars
  • 6 reviews

Healthy Connections CMHC

2780 SW 37th Avenue, Suite 206
Miami, FL 33133
305 646-0112

Healthy Connections is a community mental health center founded in 2001. Its team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors provide personalized, compassionate attention to those with substance abuse disorders. Its intensive outpatient substance abuse program includes individual therapy for patients who have previously attended a residential facility, a partial hospitalization program, or an outpatient program, and whose level of functioning has deteriorated.

What patients are saying:

No written reviews available.


  • 5.00 stars
  • 5 reviews

Jessie Trice Community Health Center

5361 NW 22nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33142

Jessie Trice Community Health Center is one of the county’s federally qualified community health care organizations. Its Jefferson Reaves House, founded in 1987, provides a structured, comprehensive residential substance abuse treatment program for women, pregnant women, and women with children. Residents attend recovery programs based on 12-step programs and receive psychiatric treatment and therapy, medical detox, and subsequent medical support. The inpatient residential treatment program includes housing and meals, as well as aftercare support.

What patients are saying:

One five-star reviewer states, “Quality health care conveniently located in your neighborhood.”


  • 3.64 stars
  • 84 reviews

Regis House Inc

2010 NW 7th Street
Miami, FL 33125

Regis House, a nonprofit, community-based organization, serves the community through mental health, family support, and substance abuse services. Founded in 1984, its programs cover co-occurring mental health disorders, substance abuse, and individual and family counseling. Its Family Empowerment Program is aimed at adolescents, aged 14 to 17 and includes 13 weeks of two-hour classes on substance abuse, random drug testing, and community service opportunities.

What patients are saying:

No written reviews available


  • 5 stars
  • 3 reviews

Comprehensive Psychiatric Center

240 NW 183rd Street
Miami, FL 33169
Multiple Miami locations
305-651- 2332

Comprehensive Psychiatric Center treats individuals who are chemically dependent on opiates. Since 1979, it has provided agonist therapy to opioid-dependent adults in a safe, medical environment. It also supports clients in sustaining a healthy, productive lifestyle through education and individualized drug counseling. There are three facilities located throughout the Miami area. All provide medication services, where methadone is administered to patients in liquid or tablet form. The center’s supportive services include medical evaluations, individualized treatment plans, counseling, and relapse prevention. Outpatient detoxification is individualized under a medical doctor’s direction and offers long-term maintenance treatment.

What patients are saying:

One client who used the methadone service stated, “I go to a clinic in Denver and come to Miami once a year and courtesy dose here each time I visit for a week. It’s a great place with helpful nurses and counselors….”


  • 3.41 stars
  • 14 reviews

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami Inc.

7707 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33150

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami is a charitable organization offering a range of social services to individuals and families with the aim of supporting and building stronger communities. It has drug and alcohol treatment services available at St. Luke’s Center for adults with or without a mental health diagnosis. The program provides client assessments and outpatient services, as well as short-term residential treatment. Its behavioral health services help empower individuals and families to overcome obstacles and everyday stressors and to take actions that will lead to life improvement. The organization also offers individual, marital, and family counseling services.

What patients are saying:

The organization has received several positive reviews from grateful patrons, including, “Friendly, personalized and humane treatment.” and “It is a very nice place where one of its main objectives is to serve.” (translated by Google)


  • 4.5 stars
  • 17 reviews

Camillus House Life Center

1603 NW 7th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

Camillus House Life Center offers a continuum of care to addicts who are homeless, without income, and over the age of 25. In operation for more than 50 years, the center’s substance abuse program, Institute of Success and Personal Achievement, is composed of outpatient and residential levels. Clients receive individualized treatment plans which typically last five to nine months and include clinical, educational, and therapeutic services. Camillus House Life Center has a 77% retention rate once clients begin the program.

What patients are saying:

One satisfied reviewer had this to say, ”This is an AMAZING place that helps the people of Miami that truly need the help most!”


  • 4.16 stars
  • 484 reviews

Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center

2236 NW Miami Court
Miami, FL 33127

The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center provides spiritual, social, and emotional assistance for men who suffer from substance abuse problems. The center offers residential housing, work, and group and individual therapy in a clean and wholesome environment. Its programs help the participants find the cause of their addiction and prepare them to reenter society and find gainful employment. Many former addicts are rejoined with their families.

What patients are saying:

One former patient offers this five-star review, ”I had a great experience while I was there. From the clients to the staff they’re all great people.”


  • 4.34 stars
  • 12 reviews

The Agape Network

22790 SW 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33170

Since 2009, The Agape Network, a nonprofit, nondenominational faith-based organization, has provided a comprehensive, integrated health care system that addresses the health issues of individuals and families in the community. The organization is one of South Florida’s only Level II residential treatment programs that treat women and pregnant or parenting mothers who are struggling with chronic substance use disorders, persistent mental illness, or co-occurring disorders. Its evidence-based treatment is delivered in a state-of-the-art, 85-bed facility located on a six-acre campus. Residential services include comprehensive assessments, therapeutic counseling, psychiatric services, and relapse prevention. Its outpatient programs offer services, such as chronic care, psychosocial rehabilitation, infant and children’s mental health, and medication management.

What patients are saying:

One satisfied former patient has this to say, ”I love this place and will never ever forget Cheryl L. Bennett, Ms. Gloria. I miss and LOVE THESE LADIES forever. I got my life together and have never forgotten all that AGAPE have done for me. GOD BLESS.”


  • 4.43 stars
  • 47 reviews

G&G Healthcare Services

1590 NE 162, Suite 200
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

For more than 20 years, G&G Healthcare Services, a nationally recognized drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in North Miami Beach, has treated addictions and co-occurring disorders. The center consists of a complex of guesthouses, as well as a treatment center, and it provides patients with personalized attention and individualized treatment programs. It offers a holistic approach that encompasses the clients’ physiological, psycho-emotional, and spiritual needs, specializing in the treatment of those who suffer from chronic relapse or who are dually diagnosed. The center provides patients with over 40 hours of group therapy and individual therapy per week, as well as physical and psychiatric evaluations, with medication management as needed.

What patients are saying:

One former patron exclaimed, “Loved this place and loved the staff.. so caring so compassionate so knowledgeable. I learned so much and walked away with a new way of thinking and a new way of living.. a blessing to all those who have the chance to go and are ready for a new beginning. I recommend this place to everyone… it’s above the top…”


  • 4.9 stars
  • 20 reviews

Better Way of Miami Inc

800 NW 28th Street
Miami, FL 33127

Better Way of Miami is a nonprofit health care facility. For more than 25 years, it has provided one of the most effective long-term treatment programs for individuals with drug and alcohol addictions. It bases its treatment on the principles of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous and is one of the leading programs that address substance use disorders with co-occurring illnesses. The facility’s programs run on a continuum of gradually lessening intensity. Residential treatment is the most intensive program, assisting the patient to accept their addiction and adopt a sober lifestyle. Its outpatient program assists in achieving long-term abstinence through individualized treatment and counseling sessions, and its day/night program provides on-site residence and attendance of its intensive outpatient program.

What patients are saying:

One former resident highly recommends the facility stating, ”The reviews are mostly 5 stars because this place is truly wonderful and completely on track with progressive and comprehensive successful recovery.”


  • 4.30 stars
  • 73 reviews


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), there are 88 substance abuse treatment centers in the Miami area. To determine which provide the highest quality of treatment and the most resources for recovery, we used the following five core metrics to evaluate each facility.

the five core metrics for Rehab evaluation

For more information, feel free to read a full breakdown of our filtering process and ranking methodology.

Getting Help in Miami

Start by determining your coverage

To determine your best options for a rehabilitation center, it is important to first learn about your health insurance coverage. Reach out to your private or healthcare marketplace insurance provider to find out which substance abuse treatment centers are available to you. Regardless of the type of coverage you have, both public and private insurance companies must cover substance abuse treatment for qualified individuals.

To learn more about addiction and the rehabilitation process in your state, read our guide to rehab in Florida.

Use our database to find a treatment center near you

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    Miami Rehab FAQs

    Do I need to go to rehab?

    Substance abuse and addiction have high costs, often adversely affecting work performance, personal relationships, and your physical health. To help you determine if you may be addicted, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has an Alcohol Use Screening and a Substance Abuse Screening to help you find out.

    How long does rehab last?

    Different programs and levels of addiction require different program lengths. Common rehab lengths are:

    How much does drug rehab cost?

    Pricing depends on the program, services, and amenities offered. Typically, outpatient programs are cheaper than inpatient, and live-in inpatient facilities are the most expensive. To learn more, read our guide on The Cost of Rehab.

    How does rehab work?

    Rehab is made up of four basic steps:

    • Assessment
    • Detox
    • Therapy
    • Aftercare

    To learn more about the rehab process and each step, read our guide to The Addiction Rehabilitation Process.

    How important is aftercare? 

    One of the most important steps in the rehabilitation process is aftercare – the continuing support and accountability offered through counseling and 12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

    To find an AA or NA meeting near you, use the directory below.

    Name City Program Telephone Spanish Hotline

    For more FAQs visit our rehab FAQ page.