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Alcohol, Drug, and Other Rehab Centers in Galveston, Texas


The 9 Best Rehab Facilities in Galveston

To be sure we are recommending the best facilities, our team of researchers developed five core metrics to determine the quality of each treatment center. These metrics cover key aspects such as cost, treatment approaches, and rehab services provided. For more information, read the full breakdown of our filtering process and ranking methodology.

The 9 best rehab facilities in Galveston, TX are: Alcohol, Drug, and Other Rehab Centers in Galveston, TX Badge

Bay Area Recovery Center

Bay Area Recovery

1100 Hercules Ave #130
Houston, TX 77058

Family-owned and operated for almost 30 years, Bay Area Recovery Center offers medically supervised detox services, as well as inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment. Inpatient facilities are separated by gender, giving men and women a safe, secure environment to focus on themselves and the challenges of early sobriety. The goals for each program are to teach each client about the nature of addiction and give them the tools they need to prevent future relapses. Part of the treatment includes diagnosing whether a client has a mental illness, such as anxiety or depression, and treating mental health concerns that may be leading the client to abuse alcohol or drugs. Aftercare services include an alumni program and recommendations for a local 12-Step recovery program.

What patients are saying:

One program alumni raves, “They saved my life! The staff and facility are outstanding. Very loving environment. I have been other places and they don’t compare. Highly recommend!”


  • 4.23 stars
  • 27 reviews

ADA Women’s Center

ADA Women's Center

201 First Street
Galveston, Texas

ADA Women’s Center offers free and low-cost rehab services for women in a small, inpatient treatment home. Dealing with life issues, such as domestic abuse and other trauma is part of the therapy offered, as well as therapy for underlying mental health issues. Counseling is provided in both group and individual settings. The program consists of 30 or more hours of education and therapy sessions each week, with homework that helps women work through their addiction and find healthy ways to cope. Anger management counseling, behavior therapy, and a focus on 12-step programs are also included in the holistic treatment program.

What patients are saying:

One five star reviewer says, “Thanks to everyone at the Ada house I have been sober since August 13, 2016! Yes, over 2 years clean now!!! I’m happy, healthy, and loving sober life!” while another says, “My experiences at Ada Women’s Center saved my life. I learned how to live again.”


  • 5 stars
  • 10 reviews

Gulf Coast Center Galveston

Gulf Coast Center Galveston logo

123 Rosenberg, Suite 4
Galveston, Texas 77550

This facility offers several types of substance abuse treatment for adults and adolescents and includes both inpatient and outpatient centers. Residential treatment is available and offers group therapy, individual counseling, and intensive education to help them make different behavioral choices. Once this program is completed, patients have the option to enter intensive outpatient treatment or regular outpatient treatment, with group therapy and continuing support for those in early sobriety. There are specialized treatment services for mothers with dependent children, which include family therapy and parenting skills, in addition to substance abuse treatment. Programs designed for those who have both a mental health diagnosis and are struggling with addiction are available on an outpatient basis

What patents are saying:

One former client remarks, “I’ve been here twice and both times were hands down the best treatment I’ve had for detoxing. They are down to earth, don’t judge, work with you, truly care, and it was just a great program.”


  • 4.85 stars
  • 8 reviews

Toxicology Associates Inc

Toxicology Associates

2411 Franklin
La Marque, Texas 77568

Toxicology Associates provides professional methadone treatment for those addicted to opiates. The facility offers compassionate help for those addicted, even severe addicts who may feel that they aren’t able to receive help. Treatment begins with medically supervised detox, including Suboxone, to help with withdrawal symptoms. Medical screenings to determine the patient’s overall health, as well as hepatitis and HIV screenings, are given at intake. Pharmacology therapy, group counseling, and individual therapy are part of the treatment program, all given on an outpatient basis.

What patients are saying:

One reviewer writes, “The counselors are great, and the nurses really seem to care. I came here after abruptly leaving the clinic I had been going to for 2yrs. They’re by the book, but very understanding, just don’t lie!”


  • 4.19 stars
  • 46 reviews

Strong Tower Ministries

Strong Tower Ministries

7801 Burns St.
Hitchcock, Texas 77563

Strong Tower is a faith-based program that treats men and women struggling with addiction in gender-separate treatment centers. This is a residential program that lasts a full year, focusing on incorporating the Christian faith into recovery and building people into strong, sober individuals ready to sustain sobriety after they leave the treatment center. The programs are different for both men and women, but both center around working through the issues that caused substance addiction and teaching each client how to love themselves and build a network of support. A strong alumni program for aftercare is available to graduates of the program.

What patients are saying:

One family member of a patient writes, “When I was looking for a place for my brother, I read all the reviews and wondered what it was like there. Well, I can tell you that the atmosphere is awesome. We have gotten to know many of the students and staff and I feel like it’s a big family of brothers and sisters and we always feel so welcomed and loved. Everyone is always so happy to see us. And you can feel the presence of God there.”


  • 4.58 stars
  • 55 reviews

Into Action Recovery Center Inc

Into Action Recovery

17250 El Camino Real
Houston, TX 77058

Programs offered at this rehab facility include achieving sobriety from all substances, such as alcohol, street drugs, and prescription drugs. Each client receives a personalized treatment program that begins with an intake assessment to address both substance abuse concerns and any underlying mental health issues. Inpatient treatment is available, with a holistic approach to healing, including dual-diagnosis and one-on-one counseling. Family therapy is also provided when needed. The focus is 12-Step based, and aftercare includes both an alumni program and referral to a local AA or NA group.

What patients are saying:

An enthusiastic client stated, “Great place to come if you want a serious change in your life! Staff is extremely patient and considerate and helps with every step in this process… All in all this place has turned me into a completely different person and I am more sober than I have been in 18 years!”


  • 4.75 stars
  • 238 reviews

Cenikor Foundation Substance Abuse Program


4525 Glenwood Avenue
Deer Park, TX 77536

Cenikor offers a range of treatment options for addiction, starting with medically supervised detox. After the patient is physically weaned from drugs or alcohol, they enter rehabilitation services. The long-term treatment is residential, with personal therapy and group counseling, as well as life skills coaching on topics like money management and vocational training. Once the client graduates from residential therapy, they receive aftercare that includes employment assistance and outpatient therapy. Short-term treatment involves Intensive Outpatient Therapy with both group and individual sessions that occur several times per week. There is a sober living facility available, as well as a transition from inpatient rehab to living fully on one’s own.

What patients are saying:

From one long-term success story, “Cenikor is a place for change, as their motto says. I recovered there 8 years ago. After experiencing 3 other rehabs, Cenikor worked for me. The difference was their model of setting their clients up for success as opposed to dusting me off and sending me back to the same environment with the same mindset. It gives you a chance to rebuild self-esteem, self-worth and helps you become a valuable member of society again.”


  • 3.62 stars
  • 47 reviews

Great Oaks Recovery Center

Great Oaks Recovery

11210 FM 102
Egypt, Texas 77436

Rehab therapy at Great Oaks begins with a personalized intake assessment and medically supervised detox to help with the physical withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. During this process, patients are assigned to a personal counselor. After the patient is medically stable, they move into inpatient rehab, a safe, structured environment where patients receive education about addiction, group therapy, and ongoing individual counseling to help treat the reasons that they began drinking or using drugs. Special programs include chronic relapse therapy and wellness education. Aftercare involves referrals to a local 12-Step group and outpatient therapy. There is also an alumni program.

What patients are saying:

One five star reviewer states, “This is a wonderful place! After 6 years of fighting addiction, this place helped me and now I have over a year sober. Staff was very caring, the doctors knew what they were doing. The counselors were wonderful. The food was amazing too! I would recommend this place to anyone who’s serious about trying to get sober.”


  • 3.87 stars
  • 38 reviews

Brazos Place

Brazos Place

1103 North Avenue H
Freeport TX, 77541

Brazos Place has many treatment options for those who struggle with addiction. There is a medically supervised detox program with intensive care during the physical detox process. Alcohol recovery programs and drug addiction counseling services are provided on an outpatient basis. For those who need a more structured, secure rehab program, separate men’s and women’s residential facilities are available. Aftercare includes relapse prevention education as well as outpatient counseling on both group and individual levels.

What patients are saying:

One happy client says, “This place saved my life! It wasn’t easy listening to what my counselor had to tell me about myself but I did and I have a completely different life than I used to! My life is beautiful today thanks to what they gave me!!!


  • 4.40 stars
  • 18 reviews


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), there are 12 substance abuse treatment centers in the Galveston area. To determine which provide the highest quality of treatment and the most resources for recovery, we used the following five core metrics to evaluate each facility.

the five core metrics for Rehab evaluation

For more information, feel free to read a full breakdown of our filtering process and ranking methodology.

Getting Help in Galveston

Start by determining your coverage

To determine your best options for a rehabilitation center, it is important to first learn about your health insurance coverage. Reach out to your private or healthcare marketplace insurance provider to find out which substance abuse treatment centers are available to you. Regardless of the type of coverage you have, both public and private insurance companies must cover substance abuse treatment for qualified individuals.

To learn more about addiction and the rehabilitation process in your state, read our guide to rehab in Texas.

Use our database to find a treatment center near you

The tool below lists all of the treatment centers in the state of Texas recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Enter your zip code and select the filter icon to find relevant treatment centers near you.

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    Galveston Rehab FAQs

    Do I need to go to rehab?

    Substance abuse and addiction have high costs, often adversely affecting work performance, personal relationships, and your physical health. To help you determine if you may be addicted, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has an Alcohol Use Screening and a Substance Abuse Screening to help you find out.

    How long does rehab last?

    Different programs and levels of addiction require different program lengths. Common rehab lengths are:

    How much does drug rehab cost?

    Pricing depends on the program, services, and amenities offered. Typically, outpatient programs are cheaper than inpatient, and live-in inpatient facilities are the most expensive. To learn more, read our guide on The Cost of Rehab.

    How does rehab work?

    Rehab is made up of four basic steps:

    • Assessment
    • Detox
    • Therapy
    • Aftercare

    To learn more about the rehab process and each step, read our guide to The Addiction Rehabilitation Process.

    How important is aftercare? 

    One of the most important steps in the rehabilitation process is aftercare – the continuing support and accountability offered through counseling and 12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

    To find an AA or NA meeting near you, use the directory below.

    Name City Program Telephone Spanish Hotline

    For more FAQs visit our rehab FAQ page.