How to Find a Drug Rehab Center: Taking the Guesswork Out of a Hard Choice

Updated: July 31, 2019

doctor smiling in scrub suit You are not alone; many people do not know how to find a drug rehab center, or what to look for in their search. It is important to make the right decision. There are some key factors that you should take into consideration when searching for a rehab program: location, variety of treatment programs, cost, and medical care.


Depending on the situation, you may want to find a drug rehab center that is close to your home, or you may want one that is far removed from your present environment.  There are valid arguments for both choices: people with strong and healthy social support networks may want to remain close to loved ones, opting for a rehab program that allows family and friend interaction , while others, who deem their environment to be detrimental to their well being (e.g., abusive relationships or relationships with other addicts/users), may want to choose a rehab center that is far from familiar surroundings. They may also want to avoid the risk of backlash should their rehabilitation become known, making treatment at a distance a better decision.

Treatment Programs

Do you need inpatient or outpatient care?  Is it to be a long-term or short-term stay?  Will ongoing care after rehab be needed?  Would it be more comfortable to participate in personal or group therapy, or a combination of the two?  The answers to these questions are key to finding a drug rehab center that fits the current circumstances of the person requiring rehabilitation.  The first step is to research the different options available for treatment and care in order to consider the facility that best suits the needs, be it near or far.

Medical Care

Not all addiction is the same.  Some are recent developments that require overcoming the underlying issues of the problem at hand , while others are deep-rooted and require behavior modification, as the habit has likely been reinforced through the years.  Some addictions cause physical side-effects that are not only substantially harmful but can also be life-threatening if not addressed; in such cases, it is vital that the help of a reputable professional be sought.

It Might Be a Matter of Life and Death

For these reasons, among others, knowing how to find a drug rehab center that offers the appropriate programs and ensures a dedicated and caring medical staff is essential.  Trained therapists and nurses should be readily available and knowledgeable in the field of addiction.  The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) certifies drug rehab centers, and their mark of approval is often the indication of a center with efficient and reliable medical treatment.  Be sure to visit and assess the chosen rehab center in person before making a commitment, as a first-hand look can determine whether or not a particular facility has what you are looking for and what you need most.

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